Marriage, Homosexuality and the Church – My Opinion

This post is from my personal perspective. It is a bit more controversial/religious but no less opinionated than many of my other posts on this blog. The news lately in Seattle is filled with information about a vice principal of a Catholic high school who was fired/resigned because of his marriage to his partner. The Vice Principal was gay. He married his partner. The students protested over winter break. Other staff/contractor types have come out and said they are marrying their partners.


Many churches, including one I attend, is very vocal about homosexuality as a life style. There are others who embrace and show love to people of this orientation. It is hard to find a politician, and we KNOW they lie through their teeth to get votes, who aligns with all our beliefs. So I find it equally hard to find a church who aligns with all my beliefs. I think of myself as a woman of God, who tries and frequently stumbles on her quest to become a better Godly wife, mother and co-worker.

But, I have a problem when people say homosexuality affects marriages, degrades the moral fabric or is unnatural or [insert favorite argument against it here].


In a world where divorce rates amongst heterosexual couples hover historically in the 50% range, I fail to see a valid argument why homosexual couples should be able to at least give marriage a shot. I see no potential impact to heterosexual marriages. I just see more opportunity to show people how to love your partner through the thick and thin, through the good times and bad. We all make mistakes, we all sin, we all have done things we shouldn’t have done. Sometimes the resolution for that is divorce, sometimes it isn’t, but that should be something every couple decides for themselves.


To those that say this lifestyle affects how the rest of us conduct our lives, get over it. I decide how I conduct my life. It is between me, myself, my husband and our conscious. Are we doing the right thing, are we setting a good example for our kids? Those are the questions I ask myself. Not, are those people going to affect me, because they aren’t. A bigger problem for society, especially as a mom of boys, things like: scandals like Steubenville (US) and stories of teen girls who are bullied after being raped (Canada). Sex parties after school, drinking and driving, and human trafficking are more derogatory to society than homosexuals getting married.


I am not homosexual. I’ve known people who are. I’ve had conversations with people who remember something always being a little ‘different’, something they might not have been able to figure out at a young age, but did as they matured. I’ve also read stories of scientists who are trying to figure out if this is nature/nurture or some combination thereof. I am not a scientist either. But my belief is this: God is all-knowing and all-encompassing; He wouldn’t make a mistake. I make mistakes. I make many mistakes, but He doesn’t. Which says to me, we has planned for people to be this way. I don’t totally get it, but I don’t need to. I am not even going to try and pretend to understand His plan, because whenever I try to plan my own life, He laughs. If God made us in his own image, and He made people in variety of skin colors, shapes and sizes, why can’t he have made people of different sexual orientations? It seems plausible to me.

This post is longer than many of my other posts, and not nearly as fun or lighthearted. But, I get so mad when people use a dogma or a philosophy to dismiss others. In my opinion, homosexuality, in and of itself, is not detrimental. Groups of people, regardless of sexuality, who intentionally hurt others (See examples above) are what harms society. I wish people would stop blaming a sexual orientation, when it is actions by all types of people against others that need the condemnation.


4 thoughts on “Marriage, Homosexuality and the Church – My Opinion

  1. I personally think government should get out of the marriage business completely. But I’m curious, however, as to what you think about businesses who have been sued or forced to render services for gay weddings despite stating it is against their religious beliefs. As much as it is important to keep the freedom of choice of who you want to be with is it not equally important to allow that freedom of choice as to whom you’ll do business with?

    • When it comes to business, I think it’s a two way street. People should be respectful. If someone doesn’t want to serve someone, no shoes/ no shirt, then they really shouldn’t have to. That said, you so t want to serve me, I will kindly take my money and bless another business that values me, a la Pretty Woman. If someone is glint to be successful in business they need to serve their customers, enough people take up the mantle and they either have to change their policy or go out of business. Not sure anyone would survive if it became known they served only a specific ethnicity for example.

      • I agree. Sounds like you’re more about personal choice than government forcing businesses to serve people. I think in this day and age like you said, you won’t last long if word gets around you’re denying services. But I think that decision should be respected, whether or not we agree with it. We should never try to legislate morality – no matter whose view of morality it is.

        Thanks for satisfying my curiosity. 🙂

      • Thanks for commenting. Legislating morality IMO is never a good answer. You can lead a horse to water… But until the majority of people come to their own conclusions, nothing will really change.

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