P90X3 Day 1

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I’ve started the P90X3 with a group of ladies I’ve met via twitter and now Facebook. The group gives amazing support, encouragement as well as helpful tips and motivation. That said, today was my first day trying the P90X3. I decided to try the Lean program as it uses a bit more cario and I am not trying to bulk up, but lose inches. My eventual goal is to stop shopping plus sizes in the store, but for right now, I am planning on losing 2 pant sizes.

This morning, however, I realized I forgot my P90X calendar at home and didn’t remember the workout I was supposed to start with, so I popped in the 1st video. Omergawd! Synergetics is completely craz-ay! There are these spider like push-up jump things, and a bunch of balancing stuff that makes my grade school PE teacher’s voice ring in my ears. “Hey, spaghetti legs (me) keep it together.” Needless to say, to save myself from completely feeling like I’m incompetent, I’m hitting the treadmill this afternoon too.

Oh, and even better… on the lean program, I was supposed to do a completely different workout. So yea, there is that. Well, tomorrow is another day. And, it’s not about how frequently we fall off the horse, but how quickly we get back on, right? So tomorrow, it is day one redoux.


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