It Works! Greens a product review

It is a new year and I have renewed my commitment to getting healthier. Well, in doing that, I have been working out on P90X3 in the morning before work and taking ½ hour to run on a treadmill in my office building. It is a nice perk to have. This has lead me to be more tired than usual. So, I have been taking advantage of another great perk, coffee for 25cents and free refills.

Yes, coffee isn’t great for you, but the caffeine is quite useful for keeping me productive and useful throughout the day. And if I had to choose between soda and coffee, a small cup of coffee is worlds better, right? Well, yesterday, my system rebelled. I felt icky, my stomach had tied itself in knots and was really protesting anything I ate all day long.

Picture Courtesy of It Works! - click for link

Picture Courtesy of It Works! – click for link

After some troubleshooting (drinking a glass of milk seemed to help), I realized I had been putting too much acid in my system. My whole body was reacting poorly. So, I turned to It Works Greens. This is not an advertisement. I’ve been drinking this several times a week for awhile now. I was turned onto the product by a friend of mine, who is a distributor, but heard my complaints and said “I have just what you need.”

I am an auditor by trade and I grew up with a mother who has participated in every MLM under the sun. This makes me more skeptical than most. But I tried it, decided the taste wasn’t bad, and I did feel better afterward. Greens actually is like a vegetable matcha-type powder. I just drink it with warm water like a green citrus tea. Super yummy, and it’s healthy and it helps alkalize my body. So, when I’ve had too much coffee/wine… (IS there such a thing?) to drink or eat like Spicy Pho, I find drinking this really helps not just my stomach but also gives me a boost of caffeine free energy. Two cups of the Greens later and I am a new person. Going to hold off in the coffee again today, but will probably be back drinking it tomorrow, after my greens of course. All in all, it’s an amazing product and thought I should share it with you.

Follow the link in the picture above or here if you want more information from the company.


8 thoughts on “It Works! Greens a product review

    • Juicing is great, but I prefer smoothies using my Vitamix. Whole foods are a great way to get us feeling good. Sometimes juice adds to my acidity though. So no more than 1 smoothie a day for me!

      • Yes Juicing is great but not everyone can afford a juicer so therefore The Greens are a great substitute made up of 38 herb & super rich nutrients! plus it helps to detox your body and PH balance it with Magnesium & Potasium.
        Love My Greens!!

  1. I tried the greens and they gave me and instant energy boost but they also left me feeling cloudy headed. Has anyone else encountered this?

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  3. myitworks greens are the best boost for energy. Our whole family is using them from age 11-81. Everyone loves them for a different reason however. Mother-in-Law uses them so she is not so cloudy headed, my husband uses them to detox, I use them for the potassium and magnesium properties. Grandma is using them for the energy it gives her. Give them a try at You might post another reason for loving them. This website it my source for the amazing greens.

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