New Years Goals – Feb Checkup

My goals for 2014 are:

  1. Pay down our debt.
  2. I want to run (realistically: run/walk) at least six 5K runs.
  3. I want to clean out the clutter in my house, sell on craigslist 3 items a month or donate a big bag to goodwill once a month.
  4. I want to shrink 2 pant sizes.

Well, this is my update:

  1. We were able to pay an extra $500 towards debt this last month. That is exciting!
  2. No 5k this month, but we did manage to run a 1 mile on Jan 1st. However, I have managed to run an average of 6-8 miles per week on a treadmill in the gym. Not really the same as running outside, but it is something at least.
  3. Over the last month we have managed to sell some of my kids old toys they don’t need anymore and some unused clothing and shoes. We made about $250 that we were able to put towards our debt.
  4. Not down a pant size yet, but I just was able to move the lever down on the scale. This is a good thing. Its amazing how good it feels not to have to move that big weight on the bottom to where it was.


How are you doing?


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