Catching back up

Haydens Heart 5KLife has certainly been busy the last month or so. Tax season for a CPA like myself is always crunch time. A few injuries kept me sidelined on my running schedule, but I am easing back into things. Im really trying to focus on my form. I injured my knee by trying to run too fast. After my 5k, (yep, I completed one), I realized running on a treadmill is a LOT easier! The road already moves under your feet, you just sort of bounce along it. So, now I am trying to be more deliberate with my stride and focus on how I land as well as how I move my foot. I have this weird pain on the ball of my foot, right behind my big toe if I run a certain way.

Got the husband back to work, the kids are back to school after spring break, so it is now time to get back on this horse. Tax season, too much wine, my mom’s cooking has made my clothes start to shrink, so watch out world, it is time to hit the re-start button!