Catching back up

Haydens Heart 5KLife has certainly been busy the last month or so. Tax season for a CPA like myself is always crunch time. A few injuries kept me sidelined on my running schedule, but I am easing back into things. Im really trying to focus on my form. I injured my knee by trying to run too fast. After my 5k, (yep, I completed one), I realized running on a treadmill is a LOT easier! The road already moves under your feet, you just sort of bounce along it. So, now I am trying to be more deliberate with my stride and focus on how I land as well as how I move my foot. I have this weird pain on the ball of my foot, right behind my big toe if I run a certain way.

Got the husband back to work, the kids are back to school after spring break, so it is now time to get back on this horse. Tax season, too much wine, my mom’s cooking has made my clothes start to shrink, so watch out world, it is time to hit the re-start button!


Running, is faster better?

Lately, I have been running. Not so much over the holidays what with bronchitis and all. But, after participating in the 1st run and making it a goal to hit six (Yes, 6!) 5ks over the next year, my enthusasim has once again taken hold.

Beginning of the 1st Run by Metro Parks

Beginning of the 1st Run by Metro Parks

As I run on a treadmill, I notice – I can usually run for about 3minutes +/- if the rate of speed is set to a 5.0, whereas I can only run for about 2minutes +/- if I ratchet the speed up to 5.2. (Point of clarity: I never said I would WIN the race, just run as much of it as I could.) I am slow, and I am okay with that.

But, I have a burning question:

As I start running more and trying to aim for running during the whole 5K, what is better: running at 5.2 for 2 minutes or 5.0 for 3 minutes? Ive tried the couch to 5K and Im not sure if I should aim for the time or the speed, because frankly, if I aim for the time, I have not completed a 5K. Im that slow.

Any runners out there who can help me out with some advice?

National Running Day – 5k?

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Today is National Running Day. I post about fitness on Fridays usually, but since it is National Running Day – I’m branching out. I’m not an accomplished runner, in fact I only run for one minute at a time. A prior post about how I have recently decided I enjoy running talks about how it takes me 30 minutes to grab 2 miles. I run for 1 minute, and walk for 1 minute. Between warm up/cool down and my run/walk routine it takes me 30 minutes.

Normally I run on a treadmill in the gym. I have family and friends who love running trails or down pathways. My biggest challenge is finding the time where I have time outside. During the workday, the streets and sidewalks are pretty crowded and there is no real great area to run. The gym in the building where I work provides a treadmill for free and it is only an elevator ride away. So when not working out with my personal trainer, I hit the gym in my office building. On non-working days I am usually surrounded by my kids. The older kids would probably run with me, but I can’t get the 2 year old motivated. (He is sooo much like his mother!) I suppose I could break out the jogging stroller, but I really want to break him of the stroller habit. So, on the weekends you can usually find us indulging in at least one walk  to the park to get him used to going distances without the struggle of having to coax him.

Several twitter friends of mine: Heather ,  Jennifer and Holly inspire me towards better fitness. These are ladies who manage to balance fitness and family. Heather was recently convinced to run a 5K. Im told a 5K is only 1 more mile than what I am currently doing on the treadmill. I think a 5K challenge might be worth exploring. Does anyone have any experience going from the treadmill to the road/sidewalk? Any advice? Am I completely crazy or is this something I could do?

Northwest Trek Wildlife Park – Run Wild

Looks like there are plenty of races to run as we take advantage of this great fallish/indian summer weather here in the great Pacific Northwest! Grab your gear, run a race and see a moose! Nothing can get better than that! (or see the post about Ziplines etc.) This could be epic! If we hadn’t already scheduled a birthday party this day – we would TOTALLY be here! Or there, or anywhere outside enjoying this weather. So walk or run…before the rain comes!

Run Wild

Choose from a 5k or 8k run or a 5k walk and explore Northwest Trek’s unique race setting, Saturday, October 6.

Your registration fee helps support Northwest Trek programming and conservation efforts. Registration includes park admission. All runners and walkers will be entered into a raffle to win 2 Alaska Airline tickets and many more fabulous prizes.  Must be present to win!


Race Information

Arrive early on race day

Parking is very limited, please make the day even more green and plan a ridesharing caravan with your friends

Unique race with separate courses for runners and walkers

Chip timing provided by Rogue Timing

USA Track & Field 5k run certified course

Schedule for the day:

7:00 a.m: Check in begins for day of and online registrants.

7:50 a.m: Entrance road closed!

8:30 a.m: 5K/8K Races begin.

10:30 a.m: Awards and Prize Drawings (must be present to win)

via Northwest Trek Wildlife Park.

Dash for South Sudan: Point Defiance Park

The Liliir Project is hosting a fun run/walk/dash around Point Defiance Park to support:

  • building a secondary school in an area where one currently does not exist
  • providing scholarships to South Sudanese students attending universities in Kenya and Uganda.

$25/adults and $15/youth

Dash for South Sudan: October 6th, 2012

Join us for the second annual 5K along Owen Beach at Point Defiance. Run or walk and enjoy the view of Vashon Island and ferry boats while you raise money for a good cause.

via Liliir Education Project.