Review of Nacho Money by Tejana Made

I am always a big fan of giving your kids skills they need to succeed. Work ethic, Perseverance, Integrity, Love of Outdoors/Physical Fitness and Fiscal Responsibility. My friend at 30SecondMom, Jessica aka: @tejanamade, has reviewed a series of books set to teach children about financial responsibility. She really likes them. Perhaps you will too.

Tejana Made

I don’t  really remember my family EVER discussing money or budgeting. In those fleeting moments, the value of money and its impact on the rest of your life was never discussed.

When I was married, I truly lacked that basic financial information needed. I lacked the advice from my parents and didn’t realize how important it was to  have something tangible like real estate or other assets.  I realized that I didn’t want my children to have to pay their way out of debt.

I wanted them to have little or no debt and that cannot happen without validating money and how their choices can impact their lives.

Although there are books about saving and books about counting money, this series of books written by Candi Sparks does something more than just identify money. It discusses money in a tangible way that can easily be understood by children. My favorite book was

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Story Hour at the Conservatory

Like books and want to keep the kids busy for an hour in a beautiful park like setting? Then this is definitely at great idea! You can do this even if its raining! But if the sun comes out in the afternoon, skip on over to the great water park and playground at Wright Park. Get the kiddos educated, crafted and played out and have a peaceful afternoon when you are all done!  If the kiddos are too young to read on their own, add this to their list of books read through the Tacoma Library Summer Reading Event. Pack a lunch and make it a great frugal event…

Parking around Wright Park can be tricky with all the permit only parking.  So watch for the signs, and ENJOY!~

Thursday (11:00am – 12:00pm)

Bring the kids to enjoy stories, art and science projects among Seymour Conservatory’s beautiful flowers. Bonnie Beaudoin leads the group in an hour of fun!

  • June 28: Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert
    Science: What is a Rain Garden?
    Art: Thumbprint Flower Garden
  • July 5: If I Ran the Rainforest by Worth
    Science: Nature’s Camouflage
    Art: Camouflage Sponge Painting
  • July 12: The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle
    Science: Ladybugs and Other Garden Insects
    Art: Ladybug Hunt & Craft
  • July 19 Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens
    Growing Vegetable Soup by Lois Ehlert
    Science: Fun Nutrition Facts
    Art: Garden Collage of Seeds
  • July 26: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein
    Science: Our Gifts From Trees
    Activity: “Ornament Tree” Origami Wishes
  • August 2: Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes
    Science: Bulbs, Tubors, Corms and Seeds
    Art: Tissue Paper Flowers

Monsters, Dragons and Fairy Tales – Oh My!


The Tacoma Public Library is at it again. They have put together what looks to be a good time for kids younger than about 9 or so. Mr. Brian is hosting a storytime with many different Themes in July and August

Monsters A monster theme, and it’s not even Halloween! Monster stories are from all over the world. So you and the kiddos will get a little bit of an international flair too. How lucky are we? Well we love monsters, dinosaurs and stories at our house, so this is perfect.

Wednesday July 18th at 10:30 at the Tacoma Main Library
Wednesday July 18th at 1:30pm at Mottet library 3523 East G street
Wednesday July 18th at 4pm at the Kobitech library 212 Browns Point Blvd
Thursday July 19th at 11:30am at Fern Hill library 765 S 84th street
Thursday July 19th at 2pm at the South Library 3411 S 56th street

Dragons The Dragon theme celebrates the year of the dragon by making your very own dragon and reading dragon stories.

Wednesday August 15th at 10:30 at Main Library
Wednesday August 15th at 1:30 at Mottet Library 3525 East G street
Wednesday August 15th at 4pm at Kobitech library 212 Browns Point Blvd
Thursday August 16th at 2pm at South library 3411 S. 56th street
Thursday August 16th at 4pm at Moore Library 215 S 56th street

Fairy Tales from Japan and China The Fairy Tale theme will focus on stories from those countries. Climb the great wall and make a Chiyogami or Japanese paper doll bookmark.

Wednesday August 8th at 10:30am at Main library
Wednesday August 8th at 1:30 at Mottet library 3523 East G street
Wednesday August 8th at 4pm at Kobitech library 212 Browns Point Blvd
Thursday August 9th at 10:30 at Fern Hill Library 756 S 84th street
Thursday August 9th at 2pm at South Tacoma 3411 S 56th street
Thursday August 9th at 4pm at Moore library 215 S 56th street

Registration is Required. Check out the library web page for the link to register at one of the following dates.

Blind Date – not the scary kind

As you know from previous posts, my family spends a bunch of time at the Tacoma Public Library. We love to read, and since we cut off the cable at the house, and do not subscribe to Netflix or Hulu, we read a lot. I find it’s The second best way, after running around the twice, great way to calm down my boys when they start getting over excitable or bounce off the walls – literally.

The Tacoma Library has a Blind date night. No, they are not setting you up for a blind date with the next person waiting to check out a book, but they are offering a book surprise, or blind date. Stop by any library on a Friday or Saturday night June 16th through August 4th to pick up a few books for the kiddos to log in the Summer Reading Program, and pick up a book wrapped in plain brown paper.

Then review the book through your own summer reading program, or by dropping off a blind date postcard at your local branch.


Tacoma Public Library – Summer Reading 2012

Tacoma Public Library – Summer Reading 2012


I love books. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved where a book could take me.  In fact, one of my earliest memories of my mother is her reading to me before bedtime.  As a native Pacific Northwester, when the weather got to cold or wet, I could curl up with a great book and transport myself to a desert island in the Swiss Family Robinson.  I am trying to pass that love of books onto my boys.  So, I am excited about the summer reading program I just saw on the Tacoma Public Library’s homepage.

I remember one summer, reading so many books, I actually got an award from the Mayor of Tacoma.  It was a great honor and I remember being dressed up and coached by my mom and grandma just how to act. That was through the Tacoma Library too, Fern Hill branch to be exact.

This summer the Tacoma Public Library has 3 reading programs for people of ALL ages.  If you have a baby, you can read and participate. If you are single, you can read and participate. Heck, read to your dog, read to the neighbor’s kid, read out loud to a group of friends, but by all means – READ!

Some of the prizes are pretty cool too:

  • For the Dream Big Read group (birth – 5th grade) if you read and report on 10 books, you can enter to win a new laptop!!
  • For the Own the Night group (6th – 12th grade) if you read and report on 10 books, you can enter to win a new iPad!!
  • Between the covers (adults or 12th grade and older) Read and report on 5 books in a 8 week period, you could win an iPad.

Even if you don’t win the big prize, laptop or iPad, you can always enter to win a weekly prize like tickets to go bowling or the zoo.  All of which are great, wonderful family type activities.  The clubs begin Saturday June 16th and end on Saturday August 11th.  So sign up at your local library or using the link above for full rules and details.  Go out, get reading!  Ive shared some of my favorite books with my boys, like Chronicles of Narnia, which ones will you share?