Circus Oz – FREE


For my South-enders! This looks so amazing, and its free! Mark your calendars for a free while tickets at the Pantages range from $39-$129 ($129 price includes a meet and greet) If the timing isn’t right for you to see the free one, you can still score a 20% discount online by clicking the link below and follow the prompts to order tickets online.

Wednesday, January 30

Broadway Center presents CIRCUS OZ: From the Ground Up.

Join us for a FREE preview with Circus Oz Members:

Wednesday, January 30

4:30 pm

Star Center, 3873 S. 66th, Tacoma (253) 404-3939

Get ready for the beautiful and the absurd, the downright kooky and breathtakingly brilliant thrills with Australia’s National Circus – a rock ‘n’ roll, animal-free circus show! Known as Australia’s National Circus, Circus Oz features powerful acrobatics that defy gravity, graceful aerial artists who will win your heart, knock-about comedy that will bowl you over and live musicians that energize the whole show.

Join this wildly popular company in a glorious rebellion against the generic as they deliver a delightfully ridiculous show generally appropriate for all ages.

No tickets are necessary for this free preview,

just mark your calendar, load the kids in the car and show up!

via Metro Parks Tacoma.