Mothers Day Contest

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This weekend is Mothers Day. If you are lucky enough to have little boys or even a big one, who still adore you, lets hope you are in for a treat! Make the kids load the dishwasher, and relax with a glass of wine or tea or whatever floats your boat. I took a quick straw poll and found it interesting that moms of younger children either want more sleep (no surprise) or quality time to themselves, sans children. Mothers of older children can’t wait to spend as much time as possible with their offspring. The way I figure it, they spend 18 or so years wearing us down and acclimating us to their noisy, smelly and scratching presence that by the time they actually leave the nest, we miss the chaos. (Not enough to let them move back in, but we still miss it.)

In honor of Mothers Day, enter the 30SecondMom contest here and win a $50 gift card and a really snazzy tote bag. The post needs to be 600 characters in length and talk about: 1) Your No. 1 favorite thing about being a mom, or 2) What was that moment when you truly felt like a mom, or 3) What is your favorite childhood memory of your own mom? You can submit a 30Second Mom “tip” under each of those three topics if you like, or two, or just the one you like best. The goal is to fill our audience with good mommy mojo all week long!

Join the best social media mom group around and learn lots of ways to tackle the every day problems we run into as moms by signing up!

As soon as my post on the 30SecondMom site is up, I will update this with the link…

Fitness Friday: The Contest

Im not a fitness star by any means, but Im making progress. Click for orig webpage

I am on a mission. That mission, according to my New Years Goals, was to live healthier and eventually beat my oldest son, age 6 in a foot race. I’m not much faster, yet. But, I did join a gym and have been working out regularly, sometimes even with a personal trainer! In March, my gym started a contest. Much like “The Biggest Loser”, except it measures your body fat. If you place in the first, second, third place you get these prizes:

  1. 20 personal training sessions
  2. $500 to spend in their on site spa (I could use a massage or two!)
  3. 1 year membership.

I like a challenge and I like it when I have clear goals. I consulted with my personal trainer who assured me I had a shot. I took his consult with a grain of sand, because I am sure if he had a client who actually won, he would get some sort of paid kicker out of the deal. But, my competitive nature kicked in and off we went. I entered the contest! The contest lasts until next week.

I don’t know how much body fat I have lost, but I do know that I have seen results. These last two weeks have been pretty difficult staying on track with my eating, especially with some added home-stressors. I indulged in wine last weekend and ate a piece of chocolate. (Okay, two – but they were really , really small, so I say it counts as 1.) Now, as I push towards the finish line of this contest, I am ramping up the intensity. Im going to try and squeeze a workout in this weekend and go every day next week. Wish me luck!

Diced Cooking Competition.

20121119-103502.jpgWhats for dinner Wednesday? Not that I’ve run out of ideas, but I found a better idea and wanted to share it with you. A blog I follow ‘Rantings of an Amateur Chef’ is a really neat ‘all things cooking blog’ has come up with a competition. A pre-defined list of ingredients and reader voting. I have entered and requested to be chosen in the contest. Perhaps you will too, or perhaps you would like to follow along and figure out what others are making. Entrants will be notified in March if they’ve been selected. I hope I’m selected, but if not, I’m definitely following the contest and will hopefully be inspired to create new and fun dishes!

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

Calling all cooks:

I am announcing the first Ranting Chef cooking competition. In homage to, and in separation from a certain Food Network cooking show, I am announcing a call for entrants to a cooking competition: DICED! The competition works as follows:

  • Entrants  will be given a list of a few ingredients. With that they must create (or find) a recipe that contains and features those ingredients. They then must make the recipe, document it with a blog post, and take pictures of it. All writing and photography MUST be their own, even if they use a recipe they find elsewhere. Entrants will have a two week period from receiving the ingredient list to submit their post. I will post each blog on consecutive days
  • I will provide instructions to the readers of the blog to “like” the post as a vote. They will be asked to vote based on the…

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What I Didn’t Expect

I loved being pregnant. I have 3 kids and have been pregnant 2 times. Doing the math, that means I had a set of twins. Yep, it was still an amazing experience. I, for once, didn’t devour books or plan much. I saw my Doctor, but mostly I did the pregnancy thing by the seat of my newly expandable pants. Probably because I was so freaked out about the twins themselves (I didn’t know WHAT to do with ONE baby much less TWO!)

My pregnancy was pretty easy, considering. But there were a few things that took me by surprise, other than the a) Hey, you’re pregnant and b) Its TWINS. God had a good laugh that day.

  1. I didn’t realize my skin could stretch so far – Carrying twins who are 7lbs each made my body do amazing things.
  2. I didn’t realize my skin wouldn’t just ‘bounce back’ like a rubber band. It bounced back like an OLD rubber band, which meant it didn’t.
  3. I didn’t realize I didn’t need to see my toes. What IS it with toes anyway – they can’t be that important!
  4. I didn’t expect it would be hard to find pregnancy clothes for a twin carrying body
  5. Babies inside the body eat when you eat, sleep when you sleep  – keep it that way as looong as possible.
  6. I didn’t expect to fall in love with my babies before they were born – I did


wish banner ad

The reason I tell you these things is because there are somethings you need to know if you are expecting. If you are pregnant, find support. Having twins? Join a twin group. Its a great local resource for all things twin related, you make friends and can score some pretty cool equipment and clothes at their rummage sales! Having a singleton? Join a parents group, online or in person. They can help you prepare for what lies ahead, the things you will need. If you think pregnancy is a trip, wait till the bundle(s) of joy slide out. 

Those of you who follow me on twitter (@tacomalynette) know I participate in the #30SecondMom chat. This is a great group of women who support and offer advice and tips to help make your life easier. I recommend joining twitter just for this chat alone.  All the tips from the chat and more are listed on their website or via an iPhone or Droid app. is partnering with a new website called Wish! Wish is an online baby registry experience. Since it is launching Jan 3rd, they are hosting a flurry of events leading up to the big day. You can win prizes if you go to the website to register for their Pre-Registry Registry event and like their facebook page and post your own “What I Didn’t Expect” story.  When you meet registration requirements, you win 1 years worth of diapers. HUGE deal! Go, check it out!

Ugly Sweater Contest via Tacoma News Tribune

This contest reminds me of my Grandma. She loved us and would love ugly sweaters. Growing up we were always allowed to open up 1 gift from my grandma who lived in California on Christmas Eve. It gave us a special time to cherish something she sent from so far away. But honestly, it was a great time to laugh, because lets face it, not all Grandma gifts are cool.

Some were good, most were not. I still have the rag doll she made for me one Christmas when I was about 8 or 10. But, I definately chucked the shiny gold plastic vanity set she “re-gifted” out of her gift closet circa 1975. (Ahem BEFORE I was born!)

So, if you have a Grandma that has “gifted” you with an Ugly Sweater for Christmas, or maybe a beloved Aunt gave you an old box of clothes on the way to donation bin. If you haven’t been so lucky: Try and see what beauties you can find there. Enter the contest, have fun with it – wear it to work perhaps. 🙂

Happy holidays