Monsters, Dragons and Fairy Tales – Oh My!


The Tacoma Public Library is at it again. They have put together what looks to be a good time for kids younger than about 9 or so. Mr. Brian is hosting a storytime with many different Themes in July and August

Monsters A monster theme, and it’s not even Halloween! Monster stories are from all over the world. So you and the kiddos will get a little bit of an international flair too. How lucky are we? Well we love monsters, dinosaurs and stories at our house, so this is perfect.

Wednesday July 18th at 10:30 at the Tacoma Main Library
Wednesday July 18th at 1:30pm at Mottet library 3523 East G street
Wednesday July 18th at 4pm at the Kobitech library 212 Browns Point Blvd
Thursday July 19th at 11:30am at Fern Hill library 765 S 84th street
Thursday July 19th at 2pm at the South Library 3411 S 56th street

Dragons The Dragon theme celebrates the year of the dragon by making your very own dragon and reading dragon stories.

Wednesday August 15th at 10:30 at Main Library
Wednesday August 15th at 1:30 at Mottet Library 3525 East G street
Wednesday August 15th at 4pm at Kobitech library 212 Browns Point Blvd
Thursday August 16th at 2pm at South library 3411 S. 56th street
Thursday August 16th at 4pm at Moore Library 215 S 56th street

Fairy Tales from Japan and China The Fairy Tale theme will focus on stories from those countries. Climb the great wall and make a Chiyogami or Japanese paper doll bookmark.

Wednesday August 8th at 10:30am at Main library
Wednesday August 8th at 1:30 at Mottet library 3523 East G street
Wednesday August 8th at 4pm at Kobitech library 212 Browns Point Blvd
Thursday August 9th at 10:30 at Fern Hill Library 756 S 84th street
Thursday August 9th at 2pm at South Tacoma 3411 S 56th street
Thursday August 9th at 4pm at Moore library 215 S 56th street

Registration is Required. Check out the library web page for the link to register at one of the following dates.


“Pictures for Patriots Contest” — Take Two! | Operation Gratitude Blog

“Pictures for Patriots Contest” — Take Two! | Operation Gratitude Blog

This is a great contest for the littles.  It is after Memorial Day and too soon for Veterans Day, but it is still a great practice to show our gratitude for our troops. The airmen, soldiers, sailors and marines who put themselves in difficult situations, just so you and I can live freely. I try to do a gratitude journal every day (it’s more like every week at this point, but hey – I’m trying). Point is, we can always teach our kids to be grateful for what they have and what others do for them.

This blog has directions where your child can submit a drawing where they can thank troops for their sacrifices.  And, if your childs drawing is chosen, they may win a prize and their picture will be chosen as a magazine cover.

WHO: Students entering grades K-12 may submit original artwork to the “Pictures for Patriots 2012 Contest”

WHAT: Artwork (up to 8″ x 10″ laid out in a vertical format) with a “Patriotic-Thank you Military” theme.  The winning entries will be selected by a panel of Veterans. Enter as often as you wish — the more the better: All appropriate artwork submitted to the contest will be sent in Operation Gratitude care packages!

WHEN: Entries may be submitted now through July 10. (Must be postmarked by July 10, 2012.) Include name of entrant, plus age, grade and full mailing address and contact email address on the back of each entry.

Click the link above for the directions on entry such as: mailing address and other specific requirements such as paper size and portrait vs. landscape.

PRIZES: ALL entrants will receive a special Operation Gratitude Dog Tag just for entering! 

In addition, the top three winning entries will receive these additional prizes:

1st PLACE:
•$100 Target Gift card
•Operation Gratitude Battalion Buddy
•Paracord  “Survival” Bracelet
•Artwork featured on the front cover of the next Operation Gratitude Magazine
•Copy of the Magazine

2nd PLACE:
•Operation Gratitude Battalion Buddy
•Paracord ”Survival” Bracelet
•Artwork featured on the back cover of the next Operation Gratitude Magazine
•Copy of the Magazine

3rd PLACE:
•Paracord ”Survival” Bracelet
•Artwork featured in the next Operation Gratitude Magazine
•Copy of the Magazine

Every child receives a small token of appreciation in the mail.

Museum of Glass – Family Day

Glass museumThe Museum of Glass has a family day every month, the 2nd Saturday of the month.  The family day includes with the price of admission, supervised craft time and access to the hot shops and exhibits.  The last time we went my 5 year olds had a blast.  They could even be found sitting still while watching people in the hot shop work.  Something fascinating about glowing hot glass. Kids under age 12 can also enter to win the monthly Kids Design contest to have their designs made into glass.

Make this a super special event – Park at the Dome and ride the Link for FREE! And if you check out a Museum of Glass pass from your Tacoma Library  During the summer months, the museum will be open 10am-5pm unless it is 3rd Thursday Artwalk then they will stay open until 8pm.  Family time is between 1-4pm

June 9th – create a felt bookmark
July 14th
August 11th
September 8th

Nature Journal

I love fun crafty ideas.  Some stuff is just too skilled and takes years to learn to do right, like my friend who can sew anything.  Other things, that take an eye for balance, maybe color and a little bit of time…that is more my bag.  In an effort to keep my kids engaged, I try to do some interesting craft type things that have some hold-over value.  It builds the fine motor skills, but is also something they can tell a story with.

This next craft is a Nature journal and is inspired by two things: Pinterest (of course) and a tweet I saw from @ThurstonTalk.

From Pinterest

A nature journal is something you write down what you observe on your walks through parks, beaches, and even in your own backyard.  By having children write down their own ideas of what is interesting, you can gain insight into what they find fun and it also builds critical thinking skills.

In Thurston County, the LOTT Wet Science Center has a FREE craft where you can create your own nature journal activity.  Kids can make their own books Saturday, June 2nd between 10-4pm.

500 Adams Street NE

Then, you can take the kids on any number of trips later that day down in Olympia.  (all ideas from the Thurston Talk website:

  • Bird watching at East Bay
  • Family Bike Ride
  • Tumwater Historical Park for the NW Run for Rhett event. (It starts at 9, so the kiddos will have to make the books after)
  • The water at Port Plaza

Geek Dad

Based in the books ‘Geek Dad’ by Ken Denmead, the Lakewood branch of the Pierce County Library is hosting an event where you can make something with your school aged child.

Children must be accompanied by an adult, but that is half the fun.

Saturdays from 1-3pm Ages 8+

6300 Wildaire Rd
Lakewood WA 98499

March 10th: Lego-RC Demo Derby
April 14th: Programming with Scratch
May 12th: Make a Kite
June 9th: Make a Rocket
July 14th: Summer Grab Bag

My boys are not yet old enough, but I can’t imagine a little boy or girl who wouldn’t like to make a kite or a rocket! So let’s get together and head to Lakewood!