Craft Fair at Freighthouse


Freighthouse Square by the Tacoma Dome is a great place for all kinds of gatherings! While Ive missed the first two craft fairs, there is one more – and just in time for Christmas!

November 10th

Handmade arts and crafts from the best artisans!


Freighthouse Square


I often forget its there, the old green train station. It sits silently, awaiting our discovery. Everytime I mosey into Freighthouse Square, I am blown away by the heart of the people who work/live there. Connected to the big wide world via the Sounder Train and Link Light Rail and only 1 block away from the Tacoma Dome transit station, it is fairly easy to get to. The past few years have not been kind, it is in desperate need of a remodel and upgrade, but the grand damme will not go quietly. The venue is a great lunch spot for people who work downtown and is a central hub of activity on the weekends, especially when there is a convention in town and people ride the rail.

I love exploring the shops and watching the people as they find all the really neat things Freighthouse has to offer. Some of our time honored favorites are:
1) The Model Train Club in the basement level
2) The Lego Guy “City Blocks”
3) Another Life Discount Books
4) Food Court – TONS of yummy food
5) The Giving Place – gives 50% of proceeds to charity
6) Celebrity Cake Studio (Sooo bummed they moved out of the building. Though I love their new space. 314 E. 26th St., Tacoma)

This weekend brought us to the food court: yum! We has, as always, the best fish from Paya Thai Fish and Chips, and the best salad, falafel combination since I was in southern Spain in College. (ah, fond memories). Ive also eaten at Wendy’s Vietnamese and the old German restaurant that used to call Freighthouse home. A veritable smorgasbord of culinary treats!

Tip: It also provides a great gathering place for local events. I love looking at all the posters around Freighthouse and finding what there is to do around town!