It Works! Greens a product review

It is a new year and I have renewed my commitment to getting healthier. Well, in doing that, I have been working out on P90X3 in the morning before work and taking ½ hour to run on a treadmill in my office building. It is a nice perk to have. This has lead me to be more tired than usual. So, I have been taking advantage of another great perk, coffee for 25cents and free refills.

Yes, coffee isn’t great for you, but the caffeine is quite useful for keeping me productive and useful throughout the day. And if I had to choose between soda and coffee, a small cup of coffee is worlds better, right? Well, yesterday, my system rebelled. I felt icky, my stomach had tied itself in knots and was really protesting anything I ate all day long.

Picture Courtesy of It Works! - click for link

Picture Courtesy of It Works! – click for link

After some troubleshooting (drinking a glass of milk seemed to help), I realized I had been putting too much acid in my system. My whole body was reacting poorly. So, I turned to It Works Greens. This is not an advertisement. I’ve been drinking this several times a week for awhile now. I was turned onto the product by a friend of mine, who is a distributor, but heard my complaints and said “I have just what you need.”

I am an auditor by trade and I grew up with a mother who has participated in every MLM under the sun. This makes me more skeptical than most. But I tried it, decided the taste wasn’t bad, and I did feel better afterward. Greens actually is like a vegetable matcha-type powder. I just drink it with warm water like a green citrus tea. Super yummy, and it’s healthy and it helps alkalize my body. So, when I’ve had too much coffee/wine… (IS there such a thing?) to drink or eat like Spicy Pho, I find drinking this really helps not just my stomach but also gives me a boost of caffeine free energy. Two cups of the Greens later and I am a new person. Going to hold off in the coffee again today, but will probably be back drinking it tomorrow, after my greens of course. All in all, it’s an amazing product and thought I should share it with you.

Follow the link in the picture above or here if you want more information from the company.

Eating Healthy – from a kids’ point of view

For those of you who are pizza aficionados, as I am, (My craving when pregnant with the twins) I have found the pizza from Costco to be the best tasting for the value. I also tend to add extras like extra cheese, pineapple or olives before popping in the oven.

So, the other day, I asked my husband to go by Costco and pick up pizza for the weekly pizza Friday. I don’t care what school district you are from, pizza is not a vegetable to me. Unless I can count wine as a fruit, but I think my doctor would frown on that. We pair the pizza with a salad starter, limit slices and end up with a fruit chaser, usually a banana. So, I like to think I am providing healthy eating in addition to the manna that is Costco pizza.

On the way out, he grabbed a cookbook they were handing out for free. I also collect cookbooks in an effort to provide a variety of meals and not just the stuff I grew up with. I handed the cookbook to the kids and said, “Here is a stack of sticky notes. Tag anything you think is healthy and you want me to make. I will see if we can fit it in the budget and make it over the next few weeks.”

Needless to say, they tagged every other dish in the appetizer section and the dessert section. Clearly, I need to have a discussion about what healthy means. Healthy to me means whole foods/grains, a balance of meat, grain and veggie with an occasional sweet thrown in. To my boys, the strawberries on a cheesecake look healthy. Hmmm….

Staying healthy is for many a resolution in the new year. How do you eat healthy? What do you try and focus on- getting enough calcium, vitamins etc or limiting sweets? Or is it a free-for-all, following your cravings because your body knows what’s best?

Running it CAN be fun!

Picture courtesy of Toronto Girl West

Ever watch Friends? Maybe Im dating myself, but I remember an episode where Phoebe and Rachel went running. Phoebe’s form was, shall we say, unique. Her arms swung wildly and her legs kicked strangely. Rather than be upset at her ability, her personality looked at the silver lining, she was having more fun than the people who were running ‘correctly’.

Proper form is important to avoid injuring yourself, but having fun is just as important. If you aren’t having fun, you don’t want to continue and a habit you are trying to grow will die a slow and painful death. Its mind over matter. Not that you have to convince yourself you are having fun, just convince yourself you can DO IT. Because you can.

As a child, I was never athletic. I was clumsy, uncoordinated, routinely picked last for any team sport in gym class and even the teachers would make snide comments about my ability. My nickname in gym class during the gymnastics portion was “spaghetti legs”. All this did was reinforce my inability to really do anything well physically. So, I reverted to what I was good at, academics and books, sedentary activities. Ive always said my natural state was on a couch, reading a book. Don’t get me wrong, I like that I am smart, well-read (I think) and am pretty confident that when I start grad school it will be hard, but I can do it. But I don’t think these things are necessarily exclusive.

Since starting on my journey of becoming healthier, I have started running on a treadmill. Working with my personal trainer, reading blogs like and and other sources like Jillian Michaels, I have discovered a love of running. Its not pretty, but its pretty fun. I can do anything for 1 minute. That was how it started. 3 min warm up (walking at 3.0) then running 1 min (at 5.0) and 1 min at 3.0, rinse repeat the 1 min cycle for 30min or 2 miles, whichever comes first. This is called HIIT training or Hight Intensity Interval Training, or so they tell me. All I know is by breaking it down into 1 min increments, it is doable. If I can do this, anyone can break that cycle and change their natural state, even at the ripe old age of 35! thats a lot of habit to overcome!! I’m calling it. I am no longer ‘spaghetti legs’, but a runner. For at least a minute at a time.

Fitness Contest – The Results

Picture courtesy of: TeamXtreamBeastMode Click for post

A few weeks ago I posted about a fitness contest I was part of. 2 months to lose as much weight as I could and the person with the biggest percentage of body fat loss could win a spectacular prize.

***drum roll please***

I lost 1.93% body fat. Unfortunately that did not earn me a place in the contest. It seems like a pretty small number, but a lot of work went into that number. I did weigh in after I attended a conference, that had quite a few free carbs at lunches and happy hours. But, yes, I worked hard the last few months. The last 2 weeks were the hardest. I really, really wanted to eat chocolate and pizza and drink wine.

So, while I didn’t place, I was pretty okay with my results. Now for my next goal: 3 weeks and  5lbs. I hope I can make it.

Working out – The Gear You Need

Picture from RealSimple, one of my fav magazines! Click for article on how to save money on workout essentials

I’m a huge fan of fashion. Okay, I like to look at pretty things. But, I’m also a bit practical and WHY on earth would I spend a ton of money just to sweat in it? That just doesn’t make sense to me. As practical as I am, I do think there are a few essential items if you are going to be working out that are MUST haves:

  1. Sports Bra: For women I can’t imagine anything worse than accidentally poking out your eye with your boob as you try to jog on a treadmill. For goodness sake, and for safety, lock those babies down in a sports bra that fits! Go to Nordstrom and get a free bra fitting. Even if they do not carry your size sports bra, I bet WalMart does.
  2. Shoes: Your feet support the rest of your body and if your feet arn’t happy, then you will not be either. Invest in some quality shoes. Remember, quality does not have to mean $300 pair of shoes. If you buy $300 pair of tennis shoes for working out and sweating in, you’d better be able to afford that lifestyle because if you go to the gym with regularity, you will need 2 pair. Yep, get 2 pair and switch out daily to allow the first pair to air out. This is a must for me, but maybe I just have really stinky feet. Either way, I recommend it.
  3. Comfortable clothes: you will need clothes you are comfortable in. Nothing worse that seeing someone bent over to tie their shoes and seeing plumbers crack. Only slightly better is seeing someone work out and constantly pull their clothes up. Heck, Im glad to have dropped some poundage myself. But, I don’t want to trip myself in a class because my pants keep falling down.
  4. Water bottle: you need to stay hydrated and waiting in line at the water fountain just stinks. Instead of buying little disposable water bottles, consider getting a refillable one. There are all kinds out there, just keep your eyes open for the specials. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on anything fancy.
  5. Hair ties: Im a girl with shoulder length hair. Pulling it out of my face is a must for me. Other people whip their hair about (not sure why it looks uncomfortable) but I think pulling your hair back is essential. Buy some hair ties or head bands or something.

Well, that is it. Not much start up cost involved in getting moving again. Thank goodness, Im cheap and I love a good deal. That also means some of my prior excuses for not exercising just flew right out the window. Pbbth! Bring it!

**Next week expect an update on the contest