Volunteer Opportunity Found!

In a prior post, I wrote about finding volunteer opportunities for me and the kiddos. I did some Imagesearching and found a website called Volunteer Match. This website lets you search for ways to volunteer in your community. It looks to have a large database of volunteer opportunities, not just in the Pacific Northwest.

I am looking for a way to give not just things or fund raise (Movember is almost over), but to give more of ourselves. I know we all hate chores, even the name CHORE sounds daunting. Its not soft and short and musical like the word FUN or FUNNY. But, I can’t imagine not being able to change a light bulb or mop my floor. Not glamorous by any means, but it can make a world of difference to someone. And, my guys are pretty good little helpers around my house. Minor Home Repairs for Elderly and Disabled is something I think we can all get behind. This might actually be doable!

Volunteer Chore Services, Catholic Community Services SW

How many volunteers does it take to change a light bulb? One. Imagine if you were sitting in a wheel chair and your overhead kitchen light went out. Who are you going to call? Volunteer Chore Services receives frequent requests for help with everything and the kitchen sink from Pierce County’s low-income elders and disabled adults. Can you paint a wall? Clean a gutter? Fix a clogged sink? Replace a faucet? Build a ramp? Repair appliances? Wash windows? Make a difference in someone’s life…it only takes a few hours a month!

via Minor Home Repairs for Elderly & Disabled: Volunteer Chore Services, Catholic Community Services SW Opportunity – VolunteerMatch.

United Way Day of Caring


I love charitable events. In fact, I am super excited that the company I work for supports so many different charities, from Diabetes to the United Way. In fact, in September my work holds a bunch of fundraisers and gives people the day off to raise money and awareness for the United Way.

In Pierce County there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer, even supporting some of our other favorite places around town, like Metro Parks.

Day of Caring
Friday, September 21

Each year, the United Way challenges corporate groups and individuals to get involved in local community projects on the 3rd Friday in September. Metro Parks Tacoma hosts or co-hosts sites in order to improve our natural spaces and nature-centered facilities.

Come help out with planting, pruning, invasive removal, litter pick up and more at Wapato, Point Defiance, Charlotte’s Blueberry and Titlow Parks.

9 am–12 pm

ChipInTacoma.org | 752-2596

Cookies for a Cause

This is definitely a wonderful cause! I plan on cruising through the Facebook page tonight? Will you help?!

Chip in with Metro Parks

CHIP In! > Metro Parks Tacoma I always like a great opportunity to give back, especially to our Parks program, Metro Parks.  The parks program has so much low-cost ways of entertaining our kids in a healthy and engaging way, it can’t be beat!  But, sometimes, they need help too.

There are 3 dates available for volunteering to help clean up Metro Parks areas, facilities and generally lend a helping hand where its needed.  Check the link above, but here are a few details:

  • June 23rd – 9am to noon – Help clean up Titlow Beach off 6th Ave or Point Defiance Marina or Dash Point.
  • July 21st – 9am to noon – Point Defiance off-leash area can use a helping hand.  Bring your pooch, and help keep their space lovable and livable.
  • Sept 21st – United Way Day of Caring – You can collect more information about this great, community-wide event, by emailing nicolem@uwpc.org.