Legos and Princesses

Daffodil Princess

The Puyallup Library has a Lego storytime on ‘Saturday  February 16 at 11 am, but it will be slightly different. The Daffodil Princesses will be doing a special book reading and then we will be bringing out the Legos. Please feel free to join us for this unique Lego My Library storytime.’

Find your library and enjoy your time with a princess, then build something REALLY cool with Legos!

Fancy Nancy’s Day with Dad

Fancy Nancy Tea Party

After you are done partying it up for the 4th of July, take some down time and have dad spend quality time with his little girls at a Fancy Nancy daddy/daughter event, hosted by the Tacoma Public Library. Dress in your nice clothes and spend time with daddy, grandpa, uncle or other favorite person.

Tacoma Main Library at 10:30 or 1pm on July 14th. Registration is required, and these events usually fill fast.

See the library homepage if the link above is broken.

Star Wars at the Tacoma Main Library

OMG, OMG, OMG!  Im geeking out in a completely weird way.  On June 30th from 1-2:30pm The Tacoma Main library is hosting a Star Wars event.  You can explore a gallery of collectibles, photo-ops with costumed characters from the movie as well as crafts and trivia.  But that is not all…

Children ages 9 and up can also attend a Jedi Training Camp! from 1-2pm  (pre-registration is required)

Call of the Wild – Wookie contest: Try out and see who has the best wookie call.  You could win a prize.

Finally: (drum roll please)  An interactive screening of the movie Star Wars: A New Hope. from 3-5pm.  This is episode 4 or the first one that ever came out.  I know confusing.  But arguably one of the best movies ever made, in my own humble opinion.

While my boys are still a little to young for the movie, perhaps your children are not.  If that is the case, please go and enjoy!

Monsters, Dragons and Fairy Tales – Oh My!


The Tacoma Public Library is at it again. They have put together what looks to be a good time for kids younger than about 9 or so. Mr. Brian is hosting a storytime with many different Themes in July and August

Monsters A monster theme, and it’s not even Halloween! Monster stories are from all over the world. So you and the kiddos will get a little bit of an international flair too. How lucky are we? Well we love monsters, dinosaurs and stories at our house, so this is perfect.

Wednesday July 18th at 10:30 at the Tacoma Main Library
Wednesday July 18th at 1:30pm at Mottet library 3523 East G street
Wednesday July 18th at 4pm at the Kobitech library 212 Browns Point Blvd
Thursday July 19th at 11:30am at Fern Hill library 765 S 84th street
Thursday July 19th at 2pm at the South Library 3411 S 56th street

Dragons The Dragon theme celebrates the year of the dragon by making your very own dragon and reading dragon stories.

Wednesday August 15th at 10:30 at Main Library
Wednesday August 15th at 1:30 at Mottet Library 3525 East G street
Wednesday August 15th at 4pm at Kobitech library 212 Browns Point Blvd
Thursday August 16th at 2pm at South library 3411 S. 56th street
Thursday August 16th at 4pm at Moore Library 215 S 56th street

Fairy Tales from Japan and China The Fairy Tale theme will focus on stories from those countries. Climb the great wall and make a Chiyogami or Japanese paper doll bookmark.

Wednesday August 8th at 10:30am at Main library
Wednesday August 8th at 1:30 at Mottet library 3523 East G street
Wednesday August 8th at 4pm at Kobitech library 212 Browns Point Blvd
Thursday August 9th at 10:30 at Fern Hill Library 756 S 84th street
Thursday August 9th at 2pm at South Tacoma 3411 S 56th street
Thursday August 9th at 4pm at Moore library 215 S 56th street

Registration is Required. Check out the library web page for the link to register at one of the following dates.

Lets Dance!


The Tacoma Public Library has a great program at its branches called a Preschool Dance Party.  You bring your preschooler to the library and dance all the day’s wiggles out.  Its an outing for you, and outing for your child, there is music and after all the wiggles are gone – snag some books.

When: Thursday, May 10, 2012 – 10:15 AM
Where: Anna Lemon Wheelock Library at Wheelock McCormick Room (Proctor Dist)

When: Friday, May 11, 2012 – 10:30 AM
Where: George O. Swasey Library at Swasey Meeting Room (6th Ave)

We love to read books and it is a great way to decompress after a day of go, go, go.  Im a big champion of reading books over “screen time” or time in front of the TV and/or computer.  I find my boys are usually even more active after “vegging” in front of a video.

However, if your family likes screen time – you can rent a video at the library too.  FREE beats the $1 redbox, just pay attention to the return dates.  The library is full of fun things to do.  Check it out!