Random Act of Kindness


Yesterday was Mothers Day. Because my husband is a long haul trucker and home about 3 days a month, I figured it would be a day like any other. Boy was I right!

Started about 6:10am with Sean running in and saying ‘Mommy, Archie is trying to hurt me.’ My 7year olds haven’t learned how to sleep in yet. Let’s get this party started, with pancakes that I made. They were quite tasty. But then it started to slide, my contentment with the day.

I cook on Sunday for the rest of the week. I made 4 main dishes, completed 2 loads of laundry, swept the kitchen floor and mowed the yard. All while trying and mostly succeeding in keeping my kids from killing one another.

Here is where the Random Act of Kindness comes in: my neighbor saw me mowing the grass. She thought to herself, ‘A mother of 3 little boys mowing the grass on Mother’s Day? She needs flowers!’ And she brought me flowers. Those flowers made my day. They were unexpected, they were appreciated and they gave me hope that while this motherhood gig is hard work, we shall overcome! Thanks neighbor!


Me: Profiled on Life Without Pink.

Boy Mom Spotlight: Meet Lynette | Life Without Pink….

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Another, great, mom of boys has a delicious blog where she writes about celebrating the boys in her life. She has also been so gracious as to profile me on her Mom of Boys page! So, go give Tina a little love, and read all about the greatness that is a Life Without Pink!



Private or Public Schools – My story

I love my boys. They are bright, inquisitive and quite the handful. I knew they were smart, they did take after me a little bit. But, I am a HUGE supporter of education. In my opinion education is the great equalizer. It offers people so many opportunities to become great. Education doesn’t always mean reading books, education for me is learning anything. Learning can be done in a classroom or through the school of hard knocks too.

Boys are more likely to be identified as ‘troubled’ or ADHD, when they may not actually have that challenge. In a prior post, I wrote how I thought the typical education system pendulum has swung so far to favor girls, the system is leaving out boys. In our mad dash effort to equalize education across the sexes, we have left boys behind. This is one of the main reasons we chose to put my twins in private school.

ArchieClassMy boys are active, no doubt about it. They drive me nuts half the time with the level of energy I just WISH I had. They are smart and have such a unique way of looking at things. I want to treasure that uniqueness, people who come up with ground breaking ideas are rarely the crowd followers are they? Personally, as someone who has had personal experiences with understanding and learning things a bit differently from my peers, I knew they would thrive in a smaller environment. I also knew I couldn’t quit my job to stay at home and home school. Bless you parents who are able to, but I lose my patience with adults too easily to have the patience to teach my kids. It was better for all involved if I sought out the professionals.

It is a sacrifice to put the kids in a private school. Don’t think it’s all roses and butterflies my friends. There is payment for one thing. Good gracious, what I could do with that money! Retire in comfort most likely. But again, I have said and firmly believe education is best way to give my kids a leg up. Finding a school and program that inspires them to learn, apply what they learn and question what they see is invaluable. There is also a bit of a social inequality I feel. I have never seen so many medical professionals in one room outside a hospital than when attending a school function. When a kid in my sons classroom says “See mom, I wrote about our dinner at the country club.” and I think, “Well, I showered before I showed up after running 2 miles.” just shows a different social background. This is good for my kids too, gives them experience in all sorts of things and teaches them people can come from different places and still get together.

Ultimately the reason we chose the private school option was the curriculum. The public schools just couldn’t keep up. When I saw what was required for Kindergartners to begin school, I was shocked. My kids knew this stuff at 3 years old. Know your primary colors, count to 10, know the letters of the alphabet, I could go on. Makes me wonder why public schools don’t start teaching highly capable kids from kindergarten on.

Bored boys with lots of energy are not good classmates. My bored boys who are not challenged will cease to push forward, preferring instead to float along with whatever happens. Know your child and know your options. There may be scholarships available and other ways the school lets you fundraise. Don’t put your child somewhere just because you have no other option. Make sure the fit is right, give them the best start!