Mothers Day

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Some people think Mothers Day is a Hallmark holiday. I say it is a necessary thing to honor the woman who gave me life and who refrained from taking it away during those tumultuous teenage years. Heck, as a mom myself, I have realized there is a reason God makes babies cute and snugly, and little boys covered in dirt and mud adorable. It’s to keep us from going crazy when they track huge clumps of dirt through the house, or when they refuse to plunge the toilet they clogged up or… the list goes on.

Honor your mother and the mother of your children. Your partner may not be your mother, but it is always nice to be appreciated for doing a hard job well. Here is a hint: ask her how she wants to celebrate. Some people like surprises, and if you know your partner well, then go for it. A few things I have noticed over the years:

  • Mothers of young children typically like to be pampered. They rarely get the chance because they are so busy taking care of everyone else. Find that guilty pleasure and make sure it happens. Reach out to a good girlfriend and arrange for them to do something together, if that is her thing (mani/pedi, movie, whatever floats her boat.) Personally, I want a nap and a nice dinner I don’t have to cook or clean up after.
  • Mothers of older children, especially mothers who work outside the home (Ages 10 +) typically want to spend time with their kids. We don’t get enough time to really enjoy our kids. Between chores, cooking and errands, a nice time to really connect with our kids is priceless. Plan a family game night or a hike or go geo caching. It doesn’t have to be high dollar, just high value.

Finally, to all those mothers out there. Speak up. Be heard. If you want to do something special for your holiday, ask for it. Too often we don’t ask for what we really want/need. Make it affordable and make it enjoyable. Then, commit to doing the same for your partner when his day rolls around. It isn’t all about us, we are a team. You both are doing a great job of raising those kids. Acknowledge the hard job we all have and give credit for the amazing humans we are going unleash upon the world.