Random Act of Kindness


Yesterday was Mothers Day. Because my husband is a long haul trucker and home about 3 days a month, I figured it would be a day like any other. Boy was I right!

Started about 6:10am with Sean running in and saying ‘Mommy, Archie is trying to hurt me.’ My 7year olds haven’t learned how to sleep in yet. Let’s get this party started, with pancakes that I made. They were quite tasty. But then it started to slide, my contentment with the day.

I cook on Sunday for the rest of the week. I made 4 main dishes, completed 2 loads of laundry, swept the kitchen floor and mowed the yard. All while trying and mostly succeeding in keeping my kids from killing one another.

Here is where the Random Act of Kindness comes in: my neighbor saw me mowing the grass. She thought to herself, ‘A mother of 3 little boys mowing the grass on Mother’s Day? She needs flowers!’ And she brought me flowers. Those flowers made my day. They were unexpected, they were appreciated and they gave me hope that while this motherhood gig is hard work, we shall overcome! Thanks neighbor!


Mothers Day

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Some people think Mothers Day is a Hallmark holiday. I say it is a necessary thing to honor the woman who gave me life and who refrained from taking it away during those tumultuous teenage years. Heck, as a mom myself, I have realized there is a reason God makes babies cute and snugly, and little boys covered in dirt and mud adorable. It’s to keep us from going crazy when they track huge clumps of dirt through the house, or when they refuse to plunge the toilet they clogged up or… the list goes on.

Honor your mother and the mother of your children. Your partner may not be your mother, but it is always nice to be appreciated for doing a hard job well. Here is a hint: ask her how she wants to celebrate. Some people like surprises, and if you know your partner well, then go for it. A few things I have noticed over the years:

  • Mothers of young children typically like to be pampered. They rarely get the chance because they are so busy taking care of everyone else. Find that guilty pleasure and make sure it happens. Reach out to a good girlfriend and arrange for them to do something together, if that is her thing (mani/pedi, movie, whatever floats her boat.) Personally, I want a nap and a nice dinner I don’t have to cook or clean up after.
  • Mothers of older children, especially mothers who work outside the home (Ages 10 +) typically want to spend time with their kids. We don’t get enough time to really enjoy our kids. Between chores, cooking and errands, a nice time to really connect with our kids is priceless. Plan a family game night or a hike or go geo caching. It doesn’t have to be high dollar, just high value.

Finally, to all those mothers out there. Speak up. Be heard. If you want to do something special for your holiday, ask for it. Too often we don’t ask for what we really want/need. Make it affordable and make it enjoyable. Then, commit to doing the same for your partner when his day rolls around. It isn’t all about us, we are a team. You both are doing a great job of raising those kids. Acknowledge the hard job we all have and give credit for the amazing humans we are going unleash upon the world.


Mothers Day


Mothers Day has come and gone and I realize it is an over-rated holiday. I enjoyed my time, but there wasn’t anything special about the day. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the time I spent at church. Small group was amazing and the sermon was equally as good. My husband actually managed to be home on Sunday, which was also good. The kids were cranky from a late Sat night at a friends’ birthday party. I took my mom out for a very delicious lunch.

Why is this day any different in a monthly cadence? I should be able to give my mom a hug and take her out for lunch once in a while both with and without the kids. I should be able to spend quality time with my kids and my friends on a regular basis. Maybe Im disillusioned, but really I should have this type of weekend more than once per year.

I guess regular life got in the way of an actual celebration. Or, maybe Im smarting about the fact that such mundane things are now considered a celebration in my life. Is this just the life of a mom with youngsters or do I just want too much out of my life? Im grateful my kids are healthy and can run and play with my friends kids’ at a birthday party. Im grateful my husband was actually home for 1 1/2 days this month, and we got to spend some quality time as a family together. These are good things. These are very good things, I just wish they were more than occasional things.

Mothers Day Contest

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This weekend is Mothers Day. If you are lucky enough to have little boys or even a big one, who still adore you, lets hope you are in for a treat! Make the kids load the dishwasher, and relax with a glass of wine or tea or whatever floats your boat. I took a quick straw poll and found it interesting that moms of younger children either want more sleep (no surprise) or quality time to themselves, sans children. Mothers of older children can’t wait to spend as much time as possible with their offspring. The way I figure it, they spend 18 or so years wearing us down and acclimating us to their noisy, smelly and scratching presence that by the time they actually leave the nest, we miss the chaos. (Not enough to let them move back in, but we still miss it.)

In honor of Mothers Day, enter the 30SecondMom contest here and win a $50 gift card and a really snazzy tote bag. The post needs to be 600 characters in length and talk about: 1) Your No. 1 favorite thing about being a mom, or 2) What was that moment when you truly felt like a mom, or 3) What is your favorite childhood memory of your own mom? You can submit a 30Second Mom “tip” under each of those three topics if you like, or two, or just the one you like best. The goal is to fill our audience with good mommy mojo all week long!

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As soon as my post on the 30SecondMom site is up, I will update this with the link… http://www.30secondmom.com/tip-59d4bb4d-c4ff-48cf-a9cc-960e5a1c5eef