Fetch at Tacoma Childrens Museum and KBTC

ImageVerified today there are still 23 openings for this program. Ive been to other Sparks events, some sell out REALLY quickly. Any time I can get the kids going, out of the house, playing and learning – I call it a win. So go, get out, and have some fun – FOR FREE



SPARKS W/ KBTC 10:00AM – 11:00AM



Registration opens November 1, 2012 at 12:00 p.m.  Online registration only.

Time: 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Cost: Free


Families with children ages 6-10 are encouraged to come and brain storm and collaborate to solve a problem.

via Sparks w/ KBTC > Events Calendar > Children’s Museum of Tacoma.

Meet Frog N Kiwi Cafe and UPlay Town Center in University Place! via Sounds Fun Mom!

Meet Frog N Kiwi Cafe and UPlay Town Center in University Place! | Sounds Fun Mom! Tacoma Fun for Kids Pierce County Fun for Kids Puyallup Fun for Kids Gig Harbor Fun for Kids South King County Fun for Kids.


If you are in the University Place area and looking for a place to play, away from today’s grey weather, then Sounds Fun Mom has found a place for you!  A new indoor play area, much like Odyssey I with an indoor play area attached to a coffee shop. (Coffee can be any parents best friend!)

You must keep an eye on the littles, and supervise their play. Sounds Fun Mom says that toys are meant for kiddos under 48inches and probably a good idea up to age 8. Be aware of the type of play your kiddos like, for example: my boys, at age 5, are about 45inches and they tend to play hard.  But, they would be able to ratchet it down for a short time, while their little brother had fun running around. I could get about 2hrs worth of time, plus a picnic lunch, out of the deal.

(photo courtesy of Sounds Fun Mom)

Lawn Games for Summer | TurfMutt


TurfMuttLawn Games for Summer | TurfMutt Summer is rapidly approaching and while we always can find ways to get out of the house, errands or some other organized activity that might cost more than you really want.  As I recall, my favorite summertime activities was just goofing off in the yard or exploring a vacant lot. (now built up in houses) This site has an excerpt of a book full of games for you, if you’ve forgotten the yard games of your youth as I have.

Go Bananas for Board Games at Learning Sprout

I am so excited for this event.  This weekend, February 18th from 10am till 2pm, Learning Sprout in downtown Tacoma (8th and Pacific Ave) is hosting a board game play time.  Children can play age appropriate board games and afterwards build a banana treat with whipped cream and sprinkles…ooh la la (and YUM)

The room these events are hosted in is pretty small, so if you are not into your kids eating the treat, either warn them ahead of time, or be prepared for the longing glances and possible “But Mooom, Pleeeaseeee?” questions.

As a board game family myself, I am totally jazzed.  We don’t have cable, or watch videos very often, so we play board games.  Not everyday, but every week we will bust out whatever the kids’ favorite currently is.  This is a great event because you can try out various board games and make sure your kids will actually like to play or are old/mature enough for the game.