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Schools Are Leaving Boys Behind

All 3 of my children are boys. This is my point of view as a mom of boys. Our schools are broken. In our effort to encourage girls in school, we have left behind the boys. In many education chats or articles I read it is to encourage girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). As an IT Auditor, I definitely see where women can be under represented in the Technology field. But, I never see any rah rah moment to encourage boys in Reading/Writing or language, areas of struggle for many boys.

20130911-222804.jpgBoys learn differently than girls. Many boys are very tactile. They need to touch, break and destroy things physically to learn how it works. Want to know why a man doesn’t read the manual? That is because most of them don’t learn by best reading directions. Verbal cues are only slightly better, but hands on, physical tearing apart or into something seems to be the best way for many to learn. Ever notice how boys can wrestle and beat each other up and stay or become the best of friends? Ever notice how when your son runs up to hug you, he slams his body into yours. The harder the slam, the more he missed you, at least that is what I tell myself before I brace for impact. Our early childhood education system is so geared toward girls it is frightening.  Boys need to move, to touch and their way of relating to one another isn’t ‘School Appropriate.’ I can’t tell you how many times I have had to tell my boys that their normal boy-style of play just isn’t something they can do at school.

How many early childhood education experts are men? How many preschool teachers are men? What is the ratio of men to women in an elementary environment? Men are under-represented in this type of environment. Lets face it, Men are from Mars and little boys are definitely like the moons circling that planet. They think differently, act differently and our boys need better than to be pigeonholed into a label that reads “ADHD” or “Disruptive”. They are boys. That is enough. Their boy-ness is part of them, and should be encouraged, not squashed. We should encourage ALL children. We need to encourage all children to explore what they might be most interested in. We should let them experience all of it: Writing, Reading, STEM etc. and not let them give up or only follow the easiest path.

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Quiet Weekend


The kids have gone to Grandmas and Grandpas house for about 6 weeks this summer. Life on the farm, where Grandma lives, is full of goats, chickens, bunnies, a garden and lots and lots of dirt for digging. Its heaven for the boys and quiet for momma.

I never realized how much noise the kids bring to the house. Between fighting, grunting, and crashing trains, planes and automobiles around the house, the house is never quiet. Even during mealtimes, its noisy and rowdy. My kids have been gone for a week and the first couple of days were nirvana. Absolutely blissful. No lunches but my own to make, no bedtime schedules to keep, no potty training, no noise.

Now, Im over it. I miss my babies. I miss the noise, and I miss the mess. I miss their little faces as they light up with I pick them up from daycare and I miss my sweet hugs and kisses. Im writing this now because I am sure after 3 weeks of their returning, I will forget this. I will forget this quiet and how lonely it feels. Maybe one day when they grow up I will read this to them. They are the best boys and I miss them.

Un.. Motivated

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Ugh, these last few days weeks I have been I don’t know if its the end of the school year or if it is something in the air or a hormonal or emotional thing, but, I have been un motivated over the last 2 weeks. The baby came home sick from daycare on Friday and dealing with a sick baby, chores (now that my mom is gone) and Church and I think I got burnt out. Long days at work, chores and kids, it wears a mom down.

Not a good way to start a 90day fitness-challenge. *sigh* Why can’t challenges include wine?

I look at the kids and make sure they are playing well together, then I powered up my iPhone and downloaded a book and read. There are too many free books ready to download and I sat. The kids watched a movie (Raise of the Guardians)Then I sat some more. We even had a finger food dinner, Chicken and Joes from the deli at QFC (Joes are fried potatoes for the uninitiated) – they did have salad for a veggie, so Im not a totally bad mom. But, the rest was finger-food. In fact they noticed and called it a finger food night. That was cool.

But it was indicative of a mom who didn’t want dishes, didn’t want clean up and didn’t want anything to do with work. So, I stacked dishes on the counter, sat and read a trashy romance novel while the kids watched TV. Yeah, this lasted about a day and half.

Then , I got a call from my parents, who sent me plane tickets to visit, so I could drop my kids off for the summer. My kids love visiting on the farm, but WHAT am I going to do without them for almost 2 months? Don’t get me wrong, we went. Then I ran away giggling manically and promptly scheduled 2 girls weekends with some friends. I’m going to miss my kids, but for a little while, this girl needs a break!

My life – not like a movie

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Trending on twitter yesterday was a hashtag: #IfICouldLiveMyLifeInMyFavoriteMovieItWouldBe and I started thinking about my favorite movies:

  • Pretty Woman – Nope, don’t wanna be a hooker
  • Last of the Mohicans – Daniel Day Lewis is beautiful, but I don’t like the whole “watching my sister die” thing
  • Persuasion (BBC version) – While she ends up with the love of her life, she spends 10 years pining for someone and living with her idiot relatives.I don’t want to be that girl, I was born in the wrong century.
  • The Sound of Music – I don’t want to hike over the alps running from Nazis
  • Bridget Jones Diary – That girl is cute on TV, but I would annoy myself in real life.
  • The Matrix – I get too much screen time as it is. Who wants to really be plugged into a computer?

So then I thought about TV shows.

  • Castle – Its like ‘Murder She Wrote’ either the people you know are dying or are being accused of a crime, not as much fun in real life I would think.
  • Big Bang Theory – While I think Bazinga is a great word and all, no. I couldn’t handle Sheldon.
  • Warehouse 13 – This one is actually pretty cool, except for the getting turned into strange beings or mind altered pretty frequently. At least they get cool toys.

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All this made me think, while TV is great for entertainment, it is definitely NOT real life! I get enough real life in my *gasp* real life. Sometimes losing myself watching someone else’s ‘zany’ life is a good idea, but lets not fool ourselves, in most any situation, we would welcome real life vs the fake stuff anyway. Except for the size of those girls thighs, I wouldn’t mind doing some sort of sci fi brain swap thing with a really great/cute actress like Selma Hayek or something. If Im going to pretend, I also ran across a blog called CultureWav that mentions she found a way to immortalize yourself as a super hero. How neat is that? This might be something we do for the kids as a Christmas gift this year. They are BIG right now into being Superman, Batman, Spiderman etc. Or maybe I could get myself one of these really cute aprons I found via Make and Bethany Sew and Sew. I think I could do ANYTHING in these!