Random Act of Kindness


Yesterday was Mothers Day. Because my husband is a long haul trucker and home about 3 days a month, I figured it would be a day like any other. Boy was I right!

Started about 6:10am with Sean running in and saying ‘Mommy, Archie is trying to hurt me.’ My 7year olds haven’t learned how to sleep in yet. Let’s get this party started, with pancakes that I made. They were quite tasty. But then it started to slide, my contentment with the day.

I cook on Sunday for the rest of the week. I made 4 main dishes, completed 2 loads of laundry, swept the kitchen floor and mowed the yard. All while trying and mostly succeeding in keeping my kids from killing one another.

Here is where the Random Act of Kindness comes in: my neighbor saw me mowing the grass. She thought to herself, ‘A mother of 3 little boys mowing the grass on Mother’s Day? She needs flowers!’ And she brought me flowers. Those flowers made my day. They were unexpected, they were appreciated and they gave me hope that while this motherhood gig is hard work, we shall overcome! Thanks neighbor!