Fitness Friday: The Sports Bra

As I have begun a running adventure this year, I have realized the necessity of certain quality essentials, like shoes and most importantly a good sports bra! I am not small chested. The ‘girls’, as I call them, could easily poke out an eye as I go bouncing around on a treadmill. I searched, read reviews and purchased a couple of different sports bras. I couldn’t believe the different styles, for different types of exercise and I really didn’t want to have to wear 2, like some reviewers mentioned. I hate laundry and that would just give me more to do. I settled on a bra called ‘Moving Comfort Juno Bra.

Picture from - click to purchase

Picture from – click to purchase

One of the major selling points for me is the adjustable shoulder straps. Every time I get a bra to fit around the chest region, the shoulder straps are too long. It can be a pain to have a shorter stature. Technically, I am petite in height, just on the edge at 5’4″. It makes it hard to find clothes that fit, because I am also round. But, the roundness聽is a work in progress.

This bra is amazing! When I first put it on, I felt like I needed to be an acrobat. But, I soon figured out a system that worked, and the adjustable velcro shoulder straps are sooo comfy! And, no matter what exercise I do, the girls just don’t move. I’ve done aerobics, I’ve run, I’ve played with my kids after the gym, nothing. Ive been using this bra now for about 5 months and it has retained its shape and continues to perform well. At this point, it might outlast my shoes, which is good because the bra retails for about $56 at Nordstrom. I was tired of buying sports bras online for a cheaper price only to have to return them when they didn’t fit. So, I went to the bra fit specialists at Nordstrom. Between the bra specialist and the fitness wear expert, I was fitted and working out comfortably in no time!

Fit and Fresh Lunch on the Go


School has been in session for about 3 weeks now here in Western Washington. Oliver, my youngest started Montessori school. Archie and Sean started 1st grade. Neither school has a lunchroom set up, and we are required to pack lunch every day. Yep every day. Our challenge this year was to get a lunch box that would fit reasonably in the mini-fridge for the Montessori school. I also liked the idea of a bento style box to move away from all the little plastic baggies that seemed to be a waste.

I would use 5 plastic baggies per lunch last year, between sandwich, veggie, fruit, cheese, snack etc. To save on money, I would buy bulk and parse out to lunch sized portions. Now, with 3 lunches to pack, I could see myself wasting the money saved buying in bulk on little plastic baggies. My hidden granola hippie child was screaming in pain.

So, I started researching and asking around about the best, most cost effective bento boxes. I saw some really great ones for $30+ each. I needed at least 6 considering I don’t run the dishwasher everyday. Waaay out of my price budget. And, I saw some really fragile, but inexpensive ones. Then, I went shopping at Wal-Mart for school supplies and found these. These boxes are perfect. So perfect, I only found 1. So, I ordered the rest for $9/ set on Amazon. (Score!) I even bought enough so I could take some to work!

What I like about these boxes is that there is room on the bottom for a sandwich, a yogurt and a veggie. Up above in the little boxes I put an extra snack like trail mix or fish crackers and some sort of fruit. In my lunches, the bottom is full of lettuce, and a small amount of dressing. Up top, I have chopped veggies, like peppers, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers and then a later afternoon snack like almonds or cut fruit. There is plenty of room for the anything you want, and it helps me keep my portions on track. Because you can configure the box(s) with the ice pack or not, you can make sure it fits for whatever you are packing that day. The boxes are sturdy and include the icepack to keep things cool.


The only thing about these boxes is to make sure you keep them on the top shelf of the dishwasher. The heat, if on the bottom, will warp the container. I had one of my boxes wedged in the top rack, but the heat bent the side a bit. The lid still closes, so its okay. Also, I haven’t tried to keep any big liquid type items in the little boxes, but my sense is they are not leak-proof. So I would put any soups or loose yogurt in separate containers and nestle them in the large section of the box.

All in all, we really enjoy using our new lunch boxes. They are versatile, sturdy, dish washer washable and have room for everything that we pack. Best of all, they are decently priced!

Spring Vox Box: Product Review


About a month ago I wrote a post about a VoxBox that I received in the mail to give a product review of the Ivory 2 in1 body wash and shampoo. I loved it. It was a fun experience, so I tried again for another VoxBox. I received the Spring VoxBox. Inside the box were:

  • Secret Clear Outlast Deodorant
  • Impress press-on Nails
  • Tasty Kake
  • Osis hair product

My first thought was ‘Press on nails, really? Who does this besides 12 year old little girls?” And I was right. I tried to do it and it went horribly awry. They advertise no nail damage, but to get the nails to stick you have to rough the top of your nail, which weakens your own nails by taking valuable layers off. Bad, bad, bad.

Next, Im trying to be healthy, so I gave the Tasty Kake to the kids for a snack. They loved it. But being a snack cake, it is loaded with sugar and other bad-for-you-but-good-tasting, so we won’t be stocking up.

I was really excited about the deodorant though. I already use the Secret clear brand and think it works really well. I like that it isn’t an antiperspirant, because those chemicals make me a little nervous. I don’t smell, or at least I no one at work has had to talk to me. After the gym, that is usually a different story. 馃檪 I know for a fact that this brand has several pleasing scents and is easy to use. Best of all, it doesn’t mark up your dark clothes! This is a product I can and already do use. The travel size was great for my recent trip to Nebraska and to put in my gym bag. Now I don’t have to worry too much about how I smell AFTER my workouts.

OSIS hair product was this powdery stuff you rub together to form a paste and then you use it to create definition and texture.

Review of Nacho Money by Tejana Made

I am always a big fan of giving your kids skills they need to succeed. Work ethic, Perseverance, Integrity, Love of Outdoors/Physical Fitness and Fiscal Responsibility. My friend at 30SecondMom, Jessica aka: @tejanamade, has reviewed a series of books set to teach children about financial responsibility. She really likes them. Perhaps you will too.

Tejana Made

I don鈥檛聽 really remember my family EVER discussing money or budgeting. In those fleeting moments, the value of money and its impact聽on the rest of your life was never discussed.

When I was married, I truly lacked that basic financial information needed. I lacked the advice from my parents and didn鈥檛 realize how important it was to聽 have something tangible like real estate or other assets.聽 I realized that I didn鈥檛 want my children to have to pay their way out of debt.

I wanted them to have little or no debt and that cannot happen聽without validating money and how their choices can impact their lives.

Although there are books about saving and books about counting money, this series of books written by Candi Sparks does something more than just identify money. It discusses money in a tangible way that can easily be understood by children. My favorite book was

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