Fitness Friday: The Sports Bra

As I have begun a running adventure this year, I have realized the necessity of certain quality essentials, like shoes and most importantly a good sports bra! I am not small chested. The ‘girls’, as I call them, could easily poke out an eye as I go bouncing around on a treadmill. I searched, read reviews and purchased a couple of different sports bras. I couldn’t believe the different styles, for different types of exercise and I really didn’t want to have to wear 2, like some reviewers mentioned. I hate laundry and that would just give me more to do. I settled on a bra called ‘Moving Comfort Juno Bra.

Picture from - click to purchase

Picture from – click to purchase

One of the major selling points for me is the adjustable shoulder straps. Every time I get a bra to fit around the chest region, the shoulder straps are too long. It can be a pain to have a shorter stature. Technically, I am petite in height, just on the edge at 5’4″. It makes it hard to find clothes that fit, because I am also round. But, the roundness is a work in progress.

This bra is amazing! When I first put it on, I felt like I needed to be an acrobat. But, I soon figured out a system that worked, and the adjustable velcro shoulder straps are sooo comfy! And, no matter what exercise I do, the girls just don’t move. I’ve done aerobics, I’ve run, I’ve played with my kids after the gym, nothing. Ive been using this bra now for about 5 months and it has retained its shape and continues to perform well. At this point, it might outlast my shoes, which is good because the bra retails for about $56 at Nordstrom. I was tired of buying sports bras online for a cheaper price only to have to return them when they didn’t fit. So, I went to the bra fit specialists at Nordstrom. Between the bra specialist and the fitness wear expert, I was fitted and working out comfortably in no time!


Working out – The Gear You Need

Picture from RealSimple, one of my fav magazines! Click for article on how to save money on workout essentials

I’m a huge fan of fashion. Okay, I like to look at pretty things. But, I’m also a bit practical and WHY on earth would I spend a ton of money just to sweat in it? That just doesn’t make sense to me. As practical as I am, I do think there are a few essential items if you are going to be working out that are MUST haves:

  1. Sports Bra: For women I can’t imagine anything worse than accidentally poking out your eye with your boob as you try to jog on a treadmill. For goodness sake, and for safety, lock those babies down in a sports bra that fits! Go to Nordstrom and get a free bra fitting. Even if they do not carry your size sports bra, I bet WalMart does.
  2. Shoes: Your feet support the rest of your body and if your feet arn’t happy, then you will not be either. Invest in some quality shoes. Remember, quality does not have to mean $300 pair of shoes. If you buy $300 pair of tennis shoes for working out and sweating in, you’d better be able to afford that lifestyle because if you go to the gym with regularity, you will need 2 pair. Yep, get 2 pair and switch out daily to allow the first pair to air out. This is a must for me, but maybe I just have really stinky feet. Either way, I recommend it.
  3. Comfortable clothes: you will need clothes you are comfortable in. Nothing worse that seeing someone bent over to tie their shoes and seeing plumbers crack. Only slightly better is seeing someone work out and constantly pull their clothes up. Heck, Im glad to have dropped some poundage myself. But, I don’t want to trip myself in a class because my pants keep falling down.
  4. Water bottle: you need to stay hydrated and waiting in line at the water fountain just stinks. Instead of buying little disposable water bottles, consider getting a refillable one. There are all kinds out there, just keep your eyes open for the specials. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on anything fancy.
  5. Hair ties: Im a girl with shoulder length hair. Pulling it out of my face is a must for me. Other people whip their hair about (not sure why it looks uncomfortable) but I think pulling your hair back is essential. Buy some hair ties or head bands or something.

Well, that is it. Not much start up cost involved in getting moving again. Thank goodness, Im cheap and I love a good deal. That also means some of my prior excuses for not exercising just flew right out the window. Pbbth! Bring it!

**Next week expect an update on the contest

After Holiday Shopping

As I was cruising google news this morning, this headline jumped out at me:

Retailers hope for strong post-holiday sales

Title and picture from a USAToday article. On my FaceBook feed, many people, possibly to get a conversation started were asking if people were headed out to shopping during the ‘After Christmas Sales’.

If I didn’t have to work today, I would be at home, with my kids. Playing a game, out for a walk or writing our Thank You notes. I just spent weeks running around crazy trying to find a good deal on the Christmas gifts, I don’t need another shopping excursion.

I don’t mind shopping, but I rarely look at it as entertainment. I suspect this is a by-product of becoming a mom.

  • Money is tighter because now I have to plan for others’ needs, not just my wants.
  • When I do buy something, 90% of the time it is for someone else
  • Kids grow so quick and you have to keep replacing shoes, pants, so I don’t want to buy super nice things unless its important – like having good puddle stomping boots!
  • I value face time with my kids more than I value another pair of shoes in my closet. (Its close, but I still value the face time more… usually)

Go shopping if you must, but make sure to hug those you love tight too. That’s what I’m going to do when I get done buying diapers on the way home from work.


Kidz Kaboodle Quarter Sale

KidzKaboodleI can’t believe I haven’t blogged about my favorite consignment shop!  So let me tell you all about it; it is awesome! They have great stuff, all very gently worn and some great gear as well.  The best deal is on store credit, but their cash back option on the clothes and equipment you drop off is pretty good too.  The only problem I found, and I find this at ANY consignment shop I go to, is lack of nice stuff for boys once they reach past size 3T.  Lets face it; boys who like to play in the dirt, slide into home and go puddle stomping are not easy on their clothes.

In the main store, they are very strict on the quality of the items for re-sell, but that just means everything you buy is clean, without stains and is in like-new condition. In the store next door, once a month, they open their doors and sell the things that didn’t quite make the regular sales floor at a steep discount.  They sell it for a QUARTER! (Hence the name “The Quarter Sale”. It gets crowded, so mid day is the best time. Bring a laundry basket to help hold all the really cool things you’ll find.

6409 6th Ave in Tacoma

Last weekend of the month: 10am-6pm

July 27th & 28th
August 24th & 25th
Sept 28th & 29th
October 26th & 27th
November 16th & 17th
December 21st & 22nd