Singletons vs Twins

sunnyKids are a hoot, unless they are doing something you don’t want them to. Even then sometimes they crack you up. I have all boys. Each was born with a distinct personality. My first pregnancy was a set of twins and the next, a singleton. This weekend, a stark difference between the way my twins relate to other people and the way my singleton behaves. I am wondering if these differences are due to the differences in personality, or the differences between Singletons and Twins.

My twins have always had each other, in fact, they wouldn’t sleep if we didn’t sleep them in the same crib. While they can be apart and have been due to one child in school if another is sick, they are still really close. Only since they have started school full-time in Kindergarten, Archie and Sean have started playing primarily with other people outside of each other. Neither boy likes to be alone, and sending them to their room, alone, is even worse for them than a time-out! Even when they were really young, and most other 2 year-olds are playing side-by-side, not with each other, Archie and Sean played with each other.

Oliver, the baby and the singleton, is very much a loner. He will run after his brothers, and try to mimic everything they do. But, when his brothers are away at school, he is very much okay with being alone. In fact, there are times when his brothers are doing something and he really enjoys playing quietly by himself, not even really wanting me or my husband involved. This is such a change from the way my older children are. I’ll admit I kind of like it when the olders are out of the house, I am actually home with just the baby. Yesterday, I had the day off work, but the older kids had school. So, I spent the day mostly with the baby. It doesn’t happen often that I have a day off when the kids go to school, but Oliver was sooooo easy! A great way to end the long-ish holiday weekend.