Tacoma Mountaineers Club: Family Oriented Event

ImageAs all of you know, I love getting out of doors with my kiddos. Helps us all burn off steam, and frankly – its a great excuse not to do chores! (Who else hates housework, because I certainly do!) Go to the meeting, meet up with other who also like the out of doors, make some friends to go out and have fun! I hope they have all skill levels, because THIS girl is a Novice!

Upcoming Family Oriented Events

The Tacoma Mountaineers Family Activities invites you to come and meet other like-minded families, and help plan winter and spring outings. Light snacks and kids activities will be provided.

Please join us at the following meet-up at the Tacoma Program Center:

Sunday January 27, 2-4 PM

RSVP not required, but it would be helpful to know how many folks will be joining us. If you and your family plan to attend, please contact either Nathan Bomer nbomer@gmail.com for attending on January 13th, or Kris Paynter kjp4861@hotmail.com for attending on January 27th.

The Mountaineers Tacoma Program Center

2302 North 30th Street

Tacoma WA 98403


via Welcome to The Mountaineers Tacoma Branch.