Turkey Lurky Doo

The title is from the Adam Sandler Song “The Turkey Song“.

Turkey on Thanksgiving!

Turkey on Thanksgiving!

The holidays are intense. There are menues to plan, spaces to decorate and gifts to buy. Buying gifts for secret santa, white elephant, giving trees and family members and all the other things tha come with it. This year for Thanksgiving, our AuPair’s first Thanksgiving. Remember, they don’t celebrate it in France. We were having friends over, and I wanted to show G how a traditional Thanksgiving meal is done. I bought the turkey 2 weeks early, all 23 pounds of it, and placed it to defrost (safely) in the refrigerator in the garage. I mean who wants to give their guests food poisening?! I had also purchased another turkey the week of Thanksgiving for a Christmas party we were hosting 2 weeks later.

Come Thanksgiving morning, guess whose turkey had not defrosted by Thanksgiving? Yep, mine. So on Thanksgiving morning, I sent the husband to the QFC down the street for a fresh turkey. The staff was gracious, though probably laughing at me, and found the last fresh turkey in the store. I now had 3, count them all, 3 20+ pound turkeys in my house! Needless to say, G has gotten her fill, as have the rest of us, of turkey.

For leftovers, Ive made pot pie, dumplings, stir fry, tetrazini and eaten sandwhiches with cranberries and cream cheese until we are blue in the face. I think we are all turkey’d out and Ham is on the menu for Christmas! Hope the holidays are treating you all well!

Happy Thanksgiving


Its Thanksgiving weekend! Hooray! For many of us we are thankful for:

  • Days off work or school
  • Great food and plenty of it
  • Family traditions (football games, the Macys parade or plotting a Black Friday strategy
  • Whatever the reason YOU are thankful embrace it. I hope this post finds you gearing up for great fun and food with all those you hold dear! Some of my family favorite Thanksgiving dishes are: Pumpkin and Pecan Pie, Turkey with Stuffing and Gravy, Cranberry Sauce and Sweet Potato Casserole. (Oh MY!)

    My husband LOVES the food and spending time with the family, but he HATES the dishes! And, in about one more month, we get to do it all again. So cheers to you and your loved ones. As I raise my glass of _____ (probably wine 🙂 and we talk about being thankful for all the great things in our lives. As the Pastor said during church service last week, gratitude is intentional. With that thought in mind, I am intentionally saying Thank You. Thank you to my family, thank you to God, thank you to my friends for enriching my life and making this world such a great place!

    What are you thankful for?

    Remember, it’s Movember, change the face of Men’s health by donating!


    Something to be Thankful for

    ImageThis is Thanksgiving week here in the US. Many Americans are not home with their loved ones, they are serving our country honorably. No matter what you think of any political point, I know this. Service members of every branch work hard to ensure we enjoy our basic human freedoms. They fight the hard fight so that hopefully others may enjoy even a small margin of our freedom. To the service members who are serving our country and without their families this holiday season, I say “thank you”. I am thankful for you and grateful for you and your families sacrifice this holiday season. 

    One way for YOU to say “thank you” is to follow the directions or the link below and write a letter to a service member. If your kids are old enough, have them write a letter too. Its great practice while on school break, and Im sure the service members could use a lift!

    Write Letters to service members

    I.    Letters to Currently Deployed Service Members and Wounded Warriors

    II.   Letters to Veterans of Previous Conflicts

    III.  Responses from Veterans

    IV.  Beautiful Tribute to Veterans



    Our troops tell us the most cherished items in the packages are the personal letters of appreciation from Americans. We welcome as many letters as you can provide. We accept letters year-round.

    It will only take 5 minutes out of your day to write a letter, but it will bring joy to our troops that will last a lifetime.



    Keep your message upbeat and positive Be thankful– share a little bit of yourself Ask questions; however, do not discuss death or killing Avoid politics completely and religious in excess It iss all about appreciation and respect Ask yourself: Will this letter bring a smile to someones face?



    -Sample salutations: Dear Hero, Dear Brave One

    -Include your own mail or email so recipients can choose to reply


    STUDENTS: Use first name only plus teacher’s name/classroom and school address


    TEACHERS: Use your name and contact information on students letters

    -No stamps or envelopes are needed

    -Hand Written letters or cards are most appreciated

    -No glitter please

    -All letters will be screened – please do not seal envelopes.

    -Send multiple letters together in one large mailing envelope or box.

    -If you do not receive a reply from a Service Member, do not be discouraged. Remember: Our troops are busy!

    Click for:  Letter Writing Flyer and Letter Writing for Teachers



    We send special packages to Wounded service members who are recovering in Military hospitals and/or Wounded Warrior Transition Units.  If you would like to send letters specifically for our wounded heroes, please send them in a separate envelope marked: Wounded Warriors.


    Operation Gratitude

    17330 Victory Blvd

    Van Nuys, CA 91406

    (Please send Wounded Warrior letters separately and mark as such)

    via Write Letters OperationGratitude.

    Pumpkin Pie (from FRESH Pumpkin)

    Its the week of Thanksgiving and at my house that means I need to make pie. The chief king pie around here is Pumpkin. Which, this year, works out really well because our garden had a bumper crop of sugar pumpkins. A VERY good friend of mine gave me her recipe to start making pie with. But, it didn’t quite work with fresh pumpkin. I found the fresh pumpkin had more water and required much more baking time to set properly. So, I read as many recipe books as I could and came up with the idea of cooking the pumpkin on the stove top. Now, I have a recipe that I like to think is REALLY good. Try it, and you tell me!

    1 med sugar pumpkin
    Cut in 1/2 seeded and placed on cookie sheet face down. Bake at 350for 30 min or until tender.

    (You can stop here and store cooked pumpkin in fridge or in freezer)

    4 cups of FRESH pumpkin
    4 eggs
    3/4 C sugar
    2 cans evaporated milk
    1tsp Cinnamon
    3tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice
    1tsp ea. Ginger, Nutmeg, Salt, Cloves

    Put fresh pumpkin in a blender, blend until all the fibers are pureed. Add eggs, milk and sugar and spices to the blender. Mix well. Pour into a heavy bottomed sauce pan and place over medium heat. Stir with whisk and cook until thickened, about 20 minutes. Pumpkin mixture should reduce by about 1/4 to 1/3 and become thicker and darker. By cooking the pumpkin on the stovetop, you are cooking out the water and blooming the spices. So its okay if it looks a little light to begin with.

    Once the pumpkin mixture is on the stove, pre-heat oven to 450. Roll the crusts and place in the pan. If you don’t have pie weights to keep the crust from creeping, you can fill with either beans, or tin foil. If you use foil, reserve the foil when you remove it to fill with pumpkin mixture. Par bake the pie crusts (about 5 min) and pull out to fill with partially cooked filling. According to Americas Test Kitchen, and they are always right, if you put hot filling in a hot crust, the crust will stay crispy and flaky when served and finally baked.

    Bake the pie, covered with the reserved tin foil for 20 minutes. Turn oven down to 350 degrees for 30 minutes and cook uncovered for 10 minutes. By covering the pie with foil in the beginning, you keep the crust and top from burning.

    Set out to cool and serve, room temperature with whipped cream to top.