Date with myself – Review on a Movie Theater

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This weekend my husband was supposed to come home on Sunday. Since his drop off point was far south of our house, and church was in the middle – I thought ‘What can I do for 4 hours while waiting for him to show up?’ I could have gone back home and cleaned the kitchen or done laundry or any other number of things. But no, I decided to save on gas (that was my excuse anyway) and find something to occupy my time till he showed up. I went to the movies.

It has been a LONG time since I went to a full priced movie theater. You could tell because so many things were different than what I remember. The only time the TV is used at home is to play a video for the kids that we have picked up at the library or RedBox.

First, I had no idea what any movie was about. Usually, I walk up, look at the posters and based on time/poster – I decide what I am going to watch. This AMC Theater didn’t have ANY movie posters up in the ticket purchase area. What is THAT about? I lost precious minutes (15) googling movie titles that didn’t sound dumb.

When did ticket prices become $10 for a matinee??!! No wonder I really enjoy the $2 theater in Federal Way. I don’t need to see a movie during its first week out anyway. (Have I mentioned the last time I saw a movie in a full price theater was over 2 years ago?) Then, I had an assigned seat. I actually had to pick my seat out of a seating chart and the seat number was printed on my ticket.

Assigned seating at a movie theater?? Now, I was highly confused. Turns out, this is a post theater. The seats are like great big comfy squishy barcaloungers. I felt like a crazy person, in a dark theater trying to figure out how to extend the feet. I finally found the button on the arm rest that changed the posture and elevated the feet. Wow, what an experience! Just:

  1. Don’t put your hands on the seat cushion to adjust your seating because it is full of crumbs and a little sticky at the edges. (Blech)
  2. Don’t go when you are tired. I imagine many men might get in trouble falling asleep on a date when forced to watch a ‘chick flick’.

Other than that, this experience was pretty nice. A comfortable chair, like at home. My TV is obviously MUCH smaller (27inch) than the movie screen, but the popcorn I make at home is better than theater popcorn. So I’d say we are even. If you have an AMC theater near you, and you have the time and money you should try it. It wasn’t a bad way to spend waiting for my husband.

I LOVE musical theater! Who doesn’t? In an effort to shove culture down my kids throat give my kids exciting experiences they can use to become well rounded adults, I might just do this. It’s free, except for the time involved in waiting in line. So, the real question is ‘Will I have enough patience and serenity to deal with what I expect will be hoards of people?’ Lets hope so!

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See The Music Man at Seattle’s The 5th Avenue Theatre for FREE – just stand in line on Saturday, January 26th (limit 4 per household, while supplies last) for February 10th performance! Details, here.

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Teatro Zinzanni – $25 off!

I love this place, great show and decent food make the night something really special!

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Teatro Zinzanni is traveling back in time – to 1962 – for their newest show “Return to Paradise.” Seattle Pockets readers have a chance to save $25 a ticket on select shows, here.

About the show: “Blast off in Teatro ZinZanni’s time machine and travel back to hippest party of the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair. Diva Gracie Hansen of Paradise ZinZanni cordially invites you back in time to an exclusive evening where Elvis Presley rocks the house, Jimi Hendrix jams with the band and Bruce Lee shows off all his moves. At this Worlds Fair, the future is the past, love conquers science and the party never ends!”

I’m most looking forward to hearing the “rock diva” sounds of singer Jen Ayers, watch aerielist team Vertical Tango (looks pretty steamy!) and see Thaddeus Turner play Jimi Hendrix on the guitar.  Their season four course dinner menu includes Raspberry-Merlot Gelee…

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