It’s Official – The Chore Brigade

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Its official. I have gone through the training and have contacted my assigned person. I am now officially a member of the Catholic Community Services Chore Brigade. I am not catholic, and I am not sure if the client is either. But, I do consider myself a Christian and am starting a few journeys in my life in fitness and faith.  Over the past year Ive been trying to find ways to include my children in giving back. I think it is important to volunteer. I didn’t do much of it when I was younger, and only did a small amount in college. But when I did volunteer, it always made me feel good. It is a great way to get out of the house (without shopping) meet new people and generally realize that I basically have a pretty great life, even if parts of it drive me nuts!

I can bring the children, it is only 2 hours every other week or twice a month; my volunteer services will include: cleaning someone’s bathroom, mopping floors and cleaning the kitchen. All of these are chores I HATE at home. But, four hours of my life and my kids lives is a small price to pay for doing something so great! I haven’t seen the house yet, or met the lady in person, so I will keep you posted on that. Who knows, it might be a scene out of hoarders or something really terrible. If that is the case, we might be singing a different tune next month. But for now, Im pumped!


Volunteering – The process has started

Volunteer MatchPreviously, I blogged about hoping to volunteer with Catholic Community Services. They received my email from the website I found and sent me an application packet in the mail. Within a week, I filled out the application and mailed it back to CCS. For those of you who know me – that timeline is a miracle and should show you how enthused I am for this project! (I still have cards hanging around, addressed to people that have been sitting on my desk at home, recently re-discovered that were meant to be mailed in 2012, early 2012.

But I digress. On the application, I accidentally gave the number for a very good friend of mine (they require 3 personal recommendations) in error and wrote my number down instead. When they called, (Squee they called!!) looking for my friend, I corrected the error and I asked if I could bring the kids along to do the chores that were assigned. They said they handled that on a case-by-case basis with the client. If their client said “No.”, it was a no-go. However, if they were open to the idea, then we could do it! Hooray.

So, now the wait begins. We wait to be approved, we wait for an assignment. We wait and we hope. 🙂

Volunteering with Kids – the Beginning

Well, I did it. It has been a while since I found a volunteer listing that might be a good fit for my little family. With the husband on the road, tax season upon us (my professional ‘busy season’), I thought I would at least get the ball rolling. This way, as things start to slow down a bit (yeah, right!) I would be able to step right up.  I clicked on the link, sent my contact information, with a vital question: “Can I bring my kids along with me when I do chores?”  Im hoping they say ‘Yes’, because I can’t do this without the kids.

I can vacuum without my kids, it usually even makes it easier, but without back up to watch the kids, I am basically unavailable. Such is my life right now. Besides, maybe if they see the positive impact they have on another person performing acts of service, they won’t whine so much about their own chores at home! *.* <—See those stars in my eyes? In the hope they do say ‘yes’, I have also begun filling out the volunteer form. It is intense and requires 3 personal references as well as a background check. So far, Im impressed!

Wish us luck as we start this new adventure!

Volunteer Opportunity Found!

In a prior post, I wrote about finding volunteer opportunities for me and the kiddos. I did some Imagesearching and found a website called Volunteer Match. This website lets you search for ways to volunteer in your community. It looks to have a large database of volunteer opportunities, not just in the Pacific Northwest.

I am looking for a way to give not just things or fund raise (Movember is almost over), but to give more of ourselves. I know we all hate chores, even the name CHORE sounds daunting. Its not soft and short and musical like the word FUN or FUNNY. But, I can’t imagine not being able to change a light bulb or mop my floor. Not glamorous by any means, but it can make a world of difference to someone. And, my guys are pretty good little helpers around my house. Minor Home Repairs for Elderly and Disabled is something I think we can all get behind. This might actually be doable!

Volunteer Chore Services, Catholic Community Services SW

How many volunteers does it take to change a light bulb? One. Imagine if you were sitting in a wheel chair and your overhead kitchen light went out. Who are you going to call? Volunteer Chore Services receives frequent requests for help with everything and the kitchen sink from Pierce County’s low-income elders and disabled adults. Can you paint a wall? Clean a gutter? Fix a clogged sink? Replace a faucet? Build a ramp? Repair appliances? Wash windows? Make a difference in someone’s life…it only takes a few hours a month!

via Minor Home Repairs for Elderly & Disabled: Volunteer Chore Services, Catholic Community Services SW Opportunity – VolunteerMatch.

Volunteer in Our Community

I believe in giving back to your community. I am also trying to instill in my boys a sense of duty toward something other than themselves. A duty to care for family and to care for the world. Over the last 2 years, since they were really able to understand this concept, we have done traditional things, like Giving Trees at Christmas, Food Drives at their school, Donations to the Tacoma Mission. However, many times that is giving of money, or goods, not necessarily ourselves. I am looking to find an opportunity for my boys and I to volunteer together.

As I walk through the journey of finding an opportunity for my kids to volunteer, I will post opportunities I find here. What might not work for my schedule, might work for yours. There is a lot of need out there. If we all chipped in, we CAN and WILL make a difference.

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