Sean just said:


This weekend, I was running errands and was trying to use Siri to call the hubs. It kept telling me it didn’t have a phone number for a completely different name.

Sean: your phone isn’t so smart

Me: it’s inly a phone, and you’re right, phones aren’t very smart.

Sean: Then why do they call them smartphones??

Me: You know what, I don’t know. That’s a good question.

Funny Around the House


The in-laws showed up yesterday. The hubs is about to go traveling again and they hadn’t visited for over a year, so it was a good time. When I showed up at the house, the kids were showing grandpa how they have learned to scooter and bounce on the trampoline in the garage. (It was raining, not a shocker in Western Washington.) As they migrated into the house, I heard my father-in-law say this:

“I forgot how much patience it takes to be a father”

This, I thought was hilarious. As someone who is immersed in their chatter ad frequent “Mommy, mommy, mommy…” every day, I am mostly immune to it. The baby Toddler is now asking “Why…Why…Why”.

At the end of a book the other night, I ended with “The end”. Oliver said “Why the end?” I replied “We ran out of pages.” Oliver: “Oh, okay.”

So, for someone who isn’t immersed in the nutty level of chaos that I live in, the statement my father in law made sense. Funny, but it makes sense.

Me Catched It


Out to dinner and Oliver, the little guy, is eating spaghetti. He droops some on his pant leg and says (proudly)

“Me catched it!”

Me: “You caught it?”

Oliver: “Yep, with my pants!”

Guess it’s a good think I just bought a new bottle of Shout.

Making the bed just like mom


Last weekend my husband was actually home for Mothers Day. It was nice to see him and he got to help out around the house. (Though Im not sure he would consider that a plus; I sure do!)

My oldest was helping him fold clothes and make the bed Sunday when he said ‘Daddy, I want to make my bed like Mommy does.” At hubs confused look, he explained…

“I want YOU to make my bed like you make mommys bed”

That, little man, takes YEARS if training and alarm setting to beat the big man out of bed first. Good luck with that.

It was only 1 pencil, not 100

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Last week Sean was on Red at school. In his kindergarten, they have a series of cards they pull for inappropriate behavior. Rainbow is a perfect day, we have some of those. Green means they pulled 1 card, we have more of these. Yellow & Orange are even more warnings and finally – Red. Red is the big bad.

Apparently Archie did something to make Sean mad. So Sean decided to poke him in the back with his pencil. It was a sharp pencil and when you use it in a stabbing like motion, the teacher, and the brother, get upset. When I confronted Sean about what he did, trying to explain why its not a good idea to stab your brother. His response:

“It was only 1 pencil, not like it was 100.” I could HEAR the eye roll.

Only 2 more months and we are in summer break. And, next year, we are going to be able to separate them into different classrooms. I can’t wait!