Working out – The Gear You Need

Picture from RealSimple, one of my fav magazines! Click for article on how to save money on workout essentials

I’m a huge fan of fashion. Okay, I like to look at pretty things. But, I’m also a bit practical and WHY on earth would I spend a ton of money just to sweat in it? That just doesn’t make sense to me. As practical as I am, I do think there are a few essential items if you are going to be working out that are MUST haves:

  1. Sports Bra: For women I can’t imagine anything worse than accidentally poking out your eye with your boob as you try to jog on a treadmill. For goodness sake, and for safety, lock those babies down in a sports bra that fits! Go to Nordstrom and get a free bra fitting. Even if they do not carry your size sports bra, I bet WalMart does.
  2. Shoes: Your feet support the rest of your body and if your feet arn’t happy, then you will not be either. Invest in some quality shoes. Remember, quality does not have to mean $300 pair of shoes. If you buy $300 pair of tennis shoes for working out and sweating in, you’d better be able to afford that lifestyle because if you go to the gym with regularity, you will need 2 pair. Yep, get 2 pair and switch out daily to allow the first pair to air out. This is a must for me, but maybe I just have really stinky feet. Either way, I recommend it.
  3. Comfortable clothes: you will need clothes you are comfortable in. Nothing worse that seeing someone bent over to tie their shoes and seeing plumbers crack. Only slightly better is seeing someone work out and constantly pull their clothes up. Heck, Im glad to have dropped some poundage myself. But, I don’t want to trip myself in a class because my pants keep falling down.
  4. Water bottle: you need to stay hydrated and waiting in line at the water fountain just stinks. Instead of buying little disposable water bottles, consider getting a refillable one. There are all kinds out there, just keep your eyes open for the specials. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on anything fancy.
  5. Hair ties: Im a girl with shoulder length hair. Pulling it out of my face is a must for me. Other people whip their hair about (not sure why it looks uncomfortable) but I think pulling your hair back is essential. Buy some hair ties or head bands or something.

Well, that is it. Not much start up cost involved in getting moving again. Thank goodness, Im cheap and I love a good deal. That also means some of my prior excuses for not exercising just flew right out the window. Pbbth! Bring it!

**Next week expect an update on the contest

100 Year Anniversary of Washington State Parks and Things to do April 26-28


We’re celebrating the 100th year of Washington State Parks with events across the state all year long. Wondering what’s coming up this week, next week and beyond? Find your next adventure in our weekly events round-up. Be sure to visit our events calendar for a full list of upcoming events.

via Events Round-up – Washington State Parks – Adventure Awaits.

Celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Washington State Parks and enjoy some spring time activities! Click the link above for a calendar of events.

Science Show & Planetarium in Puyallup

Friday April 26th at 7pm – Visit the South Sound’s only planetarium! Shows start with an interactive tour of our current night sky. Explore the stars, planets, constellations and other celestial objects then watch a 20-35 minute fulldome video. A question and answer period will follow the show if time permits. Please visit our website for more information. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door with cash only

Adult – $6, Youth 3-18 years $3, Pierce College Student – $3
Pierce College Science Dome
Rainier Building, Room 263
9401 Farwest Dr SW
Lakewood, WA 98498
(253) 964-6440

Museum of Glass Mosaics

Saturday from 1-4pm
Make a mosaic at the Museum of Glass – FREE with admission: Adults $12 / Children $5 (Don’t forget, you can check out a pass from your local Tacoma Library. Then, it really is FREE)

Snoqualmie Train Excursion

Saturday April 27th
Departing Snoqualmie–12:01 pm, 1:31 pm, 3:01 pm, 3:45 pm (Last departure from Snoqualmie travels to Snoqualmie Falls and return only) Departing North Bend–12:31 pm, 2:01 pm, 3:31 pm (One way to Snoqualmie only)Come celebrate over 50 years of public programs at the Northwest Railway Museum. The Museum operates an Interpretive Railway Program called the Snoqualmie Valley Railroad. This five mile common carrier railroad allows museum visitors to experience a train excursion aboard antique railroad coaches through the Upper Snoqualmie Valley.

Cost: $15 Adult and $10 Child
Northwest Railway Museum
38625 SE King St.
Snoqualmie, WA 98065
(425) 888-3030

Family Nature Walk – Gig Harbor

Saturday April 27th From 1-2pm in Gig Harbor at Adam Tallman Nature Park
Please call at least 24 hours before the day of the walk to RSVP. Meet at the Adam Tallman Nature Park parking lot (6626 Wagner Way) Gig Harbor, WA, 98335, as we leave promptly at 1pm. We return by 2pm. Note the paved trail is stroller-friendly for your little wee ones.

Seumas Gagne & Friends – Scottish Gaelic Music

If you don’t have anywhere to be Monday early – this concert looks kind of fun. Sunday 7-8:30pm at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma. Harpist, singer, songwriter, storyteller, longtime friend of Puget Sound Revels Seumas Gagne combines his classical training with traditional Scottish Gaelic music to offer us music, humor and wit. The concert includes Christine Traxler on fiddle, Colin Isler on cello, Tom Fallat on percussion and Revels back-up singers. You can hear bits of his wonderful music on SoundCloud (

Price $16.50. (no mention if there is a difference in price for children)

Individual Greenhouses for your Garden

***A repost for those of you who are planning a garden***

I love fresh vegetables, and I grew up with a vegetable garden and there is nothing better than a vine ripened tomatoes picked fresh and made into bruschetta or some other yummy food.  Our family started its first vegetable garden to introduce the older kids to healthy eating.  It was great when the realized how food was grown and they actually wanted to try the tomatoes and the zucchini. The chocolate zucchini cake was a hit, the tomatoes were not.   So we keep trying.

Since we live in the Pacific Northwest and our summers are finicky.  I have friends who have migrated from California or Texas and they bemoan the fact we can ski until March and wear hoodies until July. So, it helps to have a green house or a cold frame to give your plants a healthy head start.

I, however, have 3 small boys to raise. Which means they would break any cold-frame, accidentally of course, and I can’t afford a green house. (Their feet never seem to stop growing!).  So, I came up with another, much cheaper idea after visiting Williamsburg with family. According to the period actors, the settlers used glass bells over plants as miniature green houses. I don’t want breakable glass around the kids and the food, so we used Milk  Jugs. Yes, Milk jugs. We go through a gallon of milk a week and have plenty of them around.  Its easy. Cut the bottom of the milk jug off, leave the cap on the top.  The plants get their water from the surrounding ground.  And, the milk jugs let light through while heating the surrounding air, to encourage growth.

As the garden grows, watch for more posts.  The first round of spinach is about ready to be harvested!

Why should you get a Vitamix blender today?


Why should you get a Vitamix blender today?.

I love my Vitamix – it is simply amazing. Yes, it was expensive, but I use it instead of so many other appliances in my kitchen and it’s a great way to eat wonderfully whole and raw foods.

I make my gravy, smoothies, and a host of other recipes in the Vitamix. If you want to eat healthier, include more veggies in your lifestyle, then yes – Buy the Vitamix! It is something I promise you won’t regret.

And, if you click on the link above to the NaomiShreds blog, you will see a link to a promotion code for buying one. If the promo code is still a little steep for you consider checking out Costoc, they sell the Vitamix (Its where I got mine) and they also sell refurbished Vitamixes on the website. The refurbished are a little less expensive so that can be the way to go too.

So, today you get two Tuesday Tips:

  1. Buy a Vitamix, you won’t regret it
  2. Buy nothing at fully price 🙂

It was only 1 pencil, not 100

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Last week Sean was on Red at school. In his kindergarten, they have a series of cards they pull for inappropriate behavior. Rainbow is a perfect day, we have some of those. Green means they pulled 1 card, we have more of these. Yellow & Orange are even more warnings and finally – Red. Red is the big bad.

Apparently Archie did something to make Sean mad. So Sean decided to poke him in the back with his pencil. It was a sharp pencil and when you use it in a stabbing like motion, the teacher, and the brother, get upset. When I confronted Sean about what he did, trying to explain why its not a good idea to stab your brother. His response:

“It was only 1 pencil, not like it was 100.” I could HEAR the eye roll.

Only 2 more months and we are in summer break. And, next year, we are going to be able to separate them into different classrooms. I can’t wait!